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  1. Some thoughts on the opening ceremony: It's hard to compare the ceremony to others due to the covid situation - however it did seem to fall a little flat. Far too gloomy throughout. I think the approach should have been to start off with something serious or sadish and then launch into a fun and high energy show. This is the Olympics - it is a chance for people to enjoy themselves for a few weeks and have a distraction from covid. As tough as things are, it's ok to have a little fun every so often. Having Osaka as the cauldron lighter does seem like a strange and slightly commercialised decision. From what I've read, she has lived in the US since the age of 3? I've seen that people have been praising the drone show, and while it was cool - I was hoping for so much more. At this point, I think most of us have seen similar drone shows (on TV at least). With Japan being such a techy country, I was hoping to see a huge drone show on a scale never seen before, with exciting colours and incredible shapes. So to only have a short and fairly small display of the Tokyo 2020 logo and the globe was really disappointing. I'm curious to know what they would have planned if the ceremony went ahead in a 'normal world' last year. Understandably they did need to slim the ceremony down, however, I think they went a little too far.
  2. The event has begun. Follow it live and feel free to comment as it progresses. http://www.gamesbids.com/forums/topic/22134-129th-ioc-session-live-blog/

  3. Is there a limit on how many times I can edit a post?

  4. Athensfan - please clear out your inbox and drop me a PM when you have. Thanks

  5. Actually, while French wine is known more for being the best. UK wineries are seriously competing with the French ones in terms of quality and taste. Source: Some TV show I was randomly watching
  6. The Olympic Stadium model looks really crap. And the wrap didn't even end up like it does on the photo. (I know it was suppose to originally)
  7. On the Next website the large Team GB scarf is just £1 (down from £10.) And the small is 50p down from £5. What a discount.
  8. Blerh no way. Tacky and noisy. I wonder if the rollercoaster in the image will even end up being there - actually being so close to so many homes, I really doubt it. Guessing they just stuck it there to fill the picture up ...at least I hope.
  9. Well I know that the BMX track will stay and become part of the 'Velopark' along with the Velodrome. A big new cycling/bmx centre. I presume field hockey will be part of the park area. And I've seen more apartment/housing where the water polo arena is.
  10. Different people have said it will be used for Rio and others said it will go to Glasgow. So I imagine at least one of those will use it. So I'm checking out that website for the park and see this picture. A roller coaster there???
  11. Word is that some matches for the 2015 Rugby World Cup will be hosted at the Olympic Stadium. Good news - means they are filling up the Stadium's calender.
  12. Yeh it seems to be going fast. And now I think about it - in Trafalgar Square on the Victory Parade day they had a store set up in the square with some discounts for everyone. But even then it looked pretty empty.
  13. Games Makers have had 50% off London 2012 stores for a while if we had our accreditations on us. But by the time I got to any stores - they were looking very empty.
  14. Can the CN Tower be the Cauldron? Pleaseeeee.
  15. Important note to all the members who have been on GB for a few years - clear out your inbox as you may be selected as a judge and I will be unable to contact you. Thanks.

  16. 50% at the Hyde Park Megastore for all Games Makers.
  17. Ooh I like that - in fact why not replace black with purple for the Olympic Rings...black isn't a colour anyway.
  18. The games are a disaster already! They've built the street sign right in front of the door.
  19. I went on the Javelin train the other day. It connects the Olympic Park to Central London in just 7 minutes. Felt fast!
  20. Well the only one I'd really want would be London 2012 - and I presume the winning cities bid books are rarer.
  21. Thanks So potentially there could be quite a few flying around for collectors to snap up.
  22. So these bid books - how rare are they? Are they sent only to the IOC members? or are they usually available for the public to buy during the bidding which means there could be quite a few floating around?
  23. Massive upset tonight as Pistorius came 2nd. However the big talking point will be his comments directly after the race where he questioned the rules and the fairness of the length of gold medal winner Alan Oliveira's (Brazil) blades.
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