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  1. Ah thanks Now it is all making sense. They have to move to the big announcement room. Just giving the results right there and then would have been far too difficult!
  2. Thanks for the replies. So that means it's pretty much Tokyo's!
  3. So could they be tied for 1st and 2nd or 2nd and 3rd? - Or are they definitely the top two?
  4. Why have numbers at all? So many countries have lucky and unlucky numbers which could change things. Was a screen with the names of each city not possible? Or just paper votes?
  5. Isn't there about an hour till the winner is announced? What are people getting excited for?
  6. The event has begun. Follow it live and feel free to comment as it progresses. http://www.gamesbids.com/forums/topic/22134-129th-ioc-session-live-blog/

  7. Is there a limit on how many times I can edit a post?

  8. Athensfan - please clear out your inbox and drop me a PM when you have. Thanks

  9. Actually, while French wine is known more for being the best. UK wineries are seriously competing with the French ones in terms of quality and taste. Source: Some TV show I was randomly watching
  10. The Olympic Stadium model looks really crap. And the wrap didn't even end up like it does on the photo. (I know it was suppose to originally)
  11. On the Next website the large Team GB scarf is just £1 (down from £10.) And the small is 50p down from £5. What a discount.
  12. "Edited by greenandblue, Today, 02:32 AM." I rest my case.
  13. Ooo sexy torch. Would prefer if the black bits at the top were sunken into the torch more to give the effect of the flames emerging from the shard of ice though.
  14. Wait, 1. I don't care about Minneapolis, heck I'm not even sure where in the USA it is. I've never cared about it. 2. It's you're not u're. 3. Obviously my name is Paul, I'm just a compulsive liar. 4. Not 5. I want 2024 to be NYC.
  15. I didn't created the 'C-' it's been in high schools since the invention of the report card. And by the way, my name isn't Paul.
  16. Blerh no way. Tacky and noisy. I wonder if the rollercoaster in the image will even end up being there - actually being so close to so many homes, I really doubt it. Guessing they just stuck it there to fill the picture up ...at least I hope.
  17. Well I know that the BMX track will stay and become part of the 'Velopark' along with the Velodrome. A big new cycling/bmx centre. I presume field hockey will be part of the park area. And I've seen more apartment/housing where the water polo arena is.
  18. Different people have said it will be used for Rio and others said it will go to Glasgow. So I imagine at least one of those will use it. So I'm checking out that website for the park and see this picture. A roller coaster there???
  19. Nope, nothing specific. It includes "Olympic and Paralympic" when thanking me. Even though I only did Paralympic. So I guess I've got the general Games Maker one.
  20. Word is that some matches for the 2015 Rugby World Cup will be hosted at the Olympic Stadium. Good news - means they are filling up the Stadium's calender.
  21. Yeh it seems to be going fast. And now I think about it - in Trafalgar Square on the Victory Parade day they had a store set up in the square with some discounts for everyone. But even then it looked pretty empty.
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