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  1. i agree, once it is lit....it should remain lit i agreed too....even though it looks nice, the cauldron should always rise above the stadium..... it loses the Olympic magic when it can not be seen glittering about the Olympic Park Skyline.
  2. Sydney did it much better......final torch relay completed by famous athletes...who would inspire young Australians to become Olympians.....cauldron lit by an Aborigine who would inspire..... Tina Arena sang a song in tribute to the flame, Vanessa Amarosi sang in tribute to the heroes of the Olympic Games, John Farham and Olivia Newton John sang in tribute to the Athletes, and Nicki Webster invited the world in unity with "Under the Southern Sky" if London wanted the Opening ceremony to be compared to Sydney's (which was Danny Boyle's aim) he didn't seem to do that very well.... none of the songs were written specially for the opening, from a country with a "strong music industry"
  3. the opening ceremony focused on Britain....but forgot the athletes..... remind yourself who were the cauldron lighters?...not famous athletes.... who carried the Olympic flag?.....not the athletes.... did they remember the sport Heroes? did they focus any part of the ceremony to world peace and unity? i feel they didn't.
  4. or maybe that's how it must be inspiring.....that you don't have to be somebody famous to get the opportunity to get to do something amazing......
  5. I liked some parts of the Ceremony..... The Opening scene was difficult to follow at the start....but I really enjoy it, and the Olympic Rings at the end was brilliant! The Queen and James Bond was funny The NHS section was enjoyable.....but I didn;t like the opening couple of minutes, and at the end with the weird baby in the middle. After that I think the Ceremony lost the plot!------at the end of the day it is an OPENING ceremony and NOT a CLOSING ceremony!!!! The Cauldron was very nice......but it should ALWAYS be lit in the final place that it will remain in! and should have been much TALLER! Also I think a true OLYMPIAN should have lit the cauldron.......only an Olympian can "Inspire a Generation" not random kids that no body knows....and who may never win a GOLD.......confused how it inspires, when they have achieved something unique, without having achieved anything yet.
  6. dawn faser in 2000 sat right next to the IOC president in the VIP section during the ceremony, and yet she still had the opportunity to run with the torch in the last lap around the stadium.... so if steve redgrave has been on the the BBC panel it does not rule him out....
  7. my current thoughts on the cauldron.... the River Thames will be lit up and the flame will follow it all the way to the other side..... the tree in the stand will move out the way to relieve a cauldron...which is lit by the flaming river...... the main structure that the cauldron will rest on will be outside......the shape will be street light shaped.......so an upside down "L"...which will reach over the roof and have a "hole" for the cauldron to be inserted into. the 2 questions everyone will ask are: 1. "how will the cauldron reach the roof?" and 2. "how will they bring in the upside down "L" structure?" answers: 1. either the cauldron will rise on a pole, or be lifted into place with "wires" 2. the "L" structure will come into the Olympic Park during the Athletes Parade on a vehicle that cranes usually come on......(so it would be strong enough for the Ceremony) and thereafter they will make it more permanent for the reminder of the Games. What do you guys think??? error! not " relieve" but "reveal"!
  8. I've seen the Melbourne Olympic Cauldron at the Sports Museum within the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground)...it's actually pretty massive!...The first cauldron I ever saw in real life, followed by the Sydney one....and soon London's!
  9. well seeing as though you've been to the rehearsal and it was not used, that does seem quite possible. And in fact, probably much better than most people have in mind.... Probably one of the better theories so far....
  10. i think it will be great for the Olympic cauldron to be lit in the stadium, so that everybody has an equal view of the "moment"...... But in order to ensure everybody feels part of the Games....the Cauldron should be moved after the ceremony above the Stadium, so that all Olympic Park visitors are able to share the views.... Without this, the Olympic Park will lose it's identity.... The Flame should always be at one of the highest points of any Olympic Park.....
  11. we know for definite that the orbit can not be the cauldron, because there is a different design team involved anish kapoor and cecil balmond designed the orbit and thomas heatherwick for the cauldron. http://www.dezeen.com/2012/06/15/movie-thomas-heatherwick-on-his-top-secret-design-for-the-olympic-cauldron/ in the above link, thomas says that the cauldron will be at the VIctoria & Albert Museum at 9am on 27/07/12 - well not the actual one, but a model of it! i think it's a reflection of the man's head in the glass behind him.....
  12. i'm sure some people have already suggested this....but i think the location could be under the tree in the northern stands of the stadium. i think it will be similar to Sydney's cauldron.....i.e. it will be silver, disc shaped, and rise up from the tree spot vertically into the air. again, i'm people have mentioned it, that they will not have a cauldron within the stadium, which i think is true, but because there is 1 week between the opening ceremony and the start of the athletics, it will give LOCOG time to re-structure the northern side of the roof in order to hold up a floating cauldron above the stadium. this, i think, is the most likely scenario. unless....LOCOG have planed to light the Olympic flame from the centre of the stage....like Vancouver 2010. i mean nobody really knows what is under there...apart from the shape of the River Thames.
  13. This is my thoughts of the cauldron...... Apparently the final picture is from within the Olympic park!!!!
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