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  1. Really inspired by the incredible performance from @AliBrownleetri & @jonny_brownlee in today's #Triathlon #OurGreatestTeam @London2012

  2. Incredible performance from @TeamGB cycling team. @chrishoy the hero of the nation #OurGreatestTeam @London2012 http://t.co/kCUUrC7T

  3. OMG, OMG, OMG... Just got tickets to Velodrome Cycling for Sat! I declare our @London2012 experience sorted! #Athletics #Cycling #Swimming

  4. Hey hey @TeamGB is currently 4th in the @London2012 medals table!! #JustSaying #OurGreatestTeam #ProudlyBritish - well done to all!

  5. Some more success on the @London2012 ticket front last night! Managed to get some for final Swimming session on Saturday night! Excited!!!

  6. Gold Medal and a World Record for @chrishoy & team - simply incredible! #Cycling - Love @London2012 #OurGreatestTeam http://t.co/vbaMrfqE

  7. What an amazing day for @TeamGB - currently 5th in the medals table with more medal opportunities later! Well done to all! Love @London2012

  8. Perseverance have paid dividends! 5 days of trying for extra @London2012 tickets & we got lucky with some Athletics tickets! Really excited!

  9. Another #SilverMedal for @TeamGB thank you very much! Congratulations to @mj88live Michael Jamieson #OurGreatestTeam http://t.co/UjxAmEHm

  10. My world, just witnessed the most amazing swimming final! Goud vir @LeClos_Swim! Baie geluk, jy is n superster swemmer! #ProudlySouthAfrican

  11. This sad grey, depressive and down right negative Tuesday looks to be ending with much more positivity and sunshine coming our way!

    1. Sir Rols

      Sir Rols

      Typical - now I've got back to the flat, the rain's stopped and the sun's come out ....

  12. Come on @London2012 sessions showing as available on ticket site but try to buy... Surprise, surprise.. No tickets available. Get it sorted!

  13. Well done to @l_armitstead - silver for Britain! Amazing performance! Love @london2012

  14. Just watching swimming heats - what's with all the empty seats? Come on @London2012 we wanted tickets but were unsuccessful. #EmptySeats

  15. I'd like to #RingForBritain this morning at 8:12 but sadly I have no bell to ring... Instead I shall be clapping my hands... #MomentToShine

  16. Getting really excited now for @London2012 - so very proud to be British! #LetTheGamesBegin

  17. On your marks... Get set... we're getting ready for @London2012 in #Guernsey - excitement building... #CanYo http://t.co/5iZtbPws

  18. And so I officially declare it summer in Guernsey! #LoveGuernsey #LoveSummer http://t.co/Q30IM5JM

  19. Hi all. I've been reading this thread with interest for some time and love all the different views on the location of the cauldron. One point to LOCOG nil to everyone else as it seems we are no closer yet to breaking the cauldron mistery. At this late stage I hope it does stay hidden as it means the surprise on Friday will be all the better. But for what it's worth... In the absence of any other obvious clues it seems to me that the Orbit might play an important role. Who knows? I'd love it not to be as it's way too obvious.... Not long to go now!
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