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  1. Having already read the bad news about the cauldron not being visible beyond the eyes of paying spectators yes I was upset but I was beyond that when the moment came. I watched it on TV... sublime. Heatherwick did a great job and design; I really loved how it was shaped like a bowl in essence. I don't know how, but the delivery of the moment in essence was truly moving and tear jerking and with me it takes quite a lot to do this. I guess one could say the emotion built up with the very elegant delivery to Sir Steve and the presence of all of the workers of the Park in the entrance. Of course it kept building up up to the point where the children hugged their "mentors" if you want to put it that way. Even you could see and hear it with Sir Paul and if you're in the US, the commentators sounded like they were hit with emotion. Big props to those who both guessed that children would light it and that it resembled the ticket; that was almost the big hint since the design was very Heatherwick. In the visual aspect I do favor Athens #1 with this, Sydney, and Beijing fighting for #2 but the delivery of this "moment" outstood the cauldron itself and it will definitely be inspiring for years into the future.
  2. Agreed... I'm sure they will work to speed it up like in that press video about 'tightening' the OC.
  3. Well I thought the IKEA model was a lot smaller than the one posted above... this one seems to go about 10 stories up Sorry for the 2x post, but I just checked it over and it is the same height. Hmm... still stumped!
  4. Actually I thought that the blue fenced area could have been the cauldron. The shape of the white structure inside it looked like one, a bowl could be made out from the top. Since I find myself stumped, I agree that LOCOG really won this and will have to be a bit patient to find out.
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