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  1. I am trying to see how the image in the floor is generated. I originally thought projectors, like Vancouver, but I don't see shadows in the images. Are they using something like a giant TV Screen in the floor like Beijing?
  2. Having a "vertically challenged" cauldron is ok by me. I would consider the 2002 cauldron in this category as well. (I just saw it a month ago) the big difference is the visibility. You could see the cauldron for miles. I had a friend who would watch it out his bedroom window. No one gets to go out and see this one. No one gets to look up and see the flame and get that feeling of pride. They are taking a symbol of pride and hiding it away. The biggest outrage is this new development of the extinguishment. I have no problem with Vancouver extinguishing theirs. One of them was lit at all times. And moving it is not an excuse. You just do not put out the flame. They should have thought of that before deciding to move it.
  3. And then peyong yang (dont hold me to spelling) in 2018 And what's in Nanjing?
  4. Ok so doing my evening scan (I am on the west coast of the US) I would like to say: 1, the salt lake city cauldron was simply mOved from the rim of the stadium to right next to the stadium. I saw it about a month ago. 2, in the video, the light seen on the orbit is probably one of those red lights for airplanes.
  5. I know this was awhile ago, but in terms of this article... The IOC states that the cauldron must be visible to the majority of the people in the surrounding area. It's not even required to be in the Olympic park. In addition the people attending the opening ceremonies must be present for (a/the) lighting. The biggest reason vancouver had two cauldrons was because it was an indoor stadium. I don't think london will have two because unlike Vancouver they don't NEED to.
  6. Ok, lets solve this right now. I propose at 8:00 pm tomorrow, we all meet at the heatherwick studios, and we will kidnap him and torture him until he spills all! It's just an idea.
  7. In relation to the 5 cauldron lighters, in Vancouver, Steve Nash was one of the cauldron lighters. He is an American basketball player born in Canada. If this is the case... They could have asked Justin Bieber! I kid I kid!
  8. Like I said, highly improbable, but still fun to speculate. How would you (in addition to anyone here try to keep that thing a secret.
  9. So this is my first post, I don't even know if I am doing this right but if you're reading this I must be. So I have a couple of ways I would handle the cauldron if I were the head honcho person, I see both of these possibilities as flawed or implausible at the present time, but it is still fun to speculate. The first is that I would have installed the cauldron years ago as a part of the construction of the stadium when no ones thinking about it, then I would have everyone act like it still needed to be installed. Send out runoff or speculations, just to spice things up. My other option would be to have a sort of instant (and currently impractical) cauldron that could be set up during the OC. Anyone Else like either of these ideas althogh highly improbable?
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