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  1. I have to say that all the comments about the cauldron not being 'visible to everyone' and other similar phrases are quite fallacious. I assume what they mean is not visible to people in the Olympic Park only. The fact that it is located in the stadium means it is in the largest venue. Almost certainly the tv coverage of the events which have drawn the biggest viewing figures have been for track and field so in all probability the cauldron has been seen by more people because of its location in the stadium than would have been the case on an external tower or high up on the stadium itself. As
  2. Here are some quotes from the London Evening Standard re London's design etc. Every host city has to do it there own way. It might be helpful to remember that in ancient Olympia during the games the flame was probably burning in a small bowl on the temple steps so in one sense the London approach to go smaller is far more in keeping with the original games. “In the Olympic Games, the stadium is the temple, and somehow this flame’s job is to be the altar,” Thomas Heatherwick tells me, the morning after the unveiling of his spectacular cauldron at the end of the Opening Ceremony. “There is a sp
  3. What a triumph...beauty and symbolism. Truly majestic.
  4. # 1550 Cauldron Lighter 20000 Club ~ It's NOT until the 3rd or 4th year (going by the normal pace of things) that they start signing up Ceremonies people. Look at Rio's case. Selected in 2009. It was only earlier this year that they signed Ric Birch & Marco Ballich to do their Ceremonies, and that is because Birch & Ballich can also put together the Handover segment of Brazil. The Stadium is being renovated; so they probably won't get tot he cauldron issue I'd say until next year. What Birch-Ballich & their Brazilian partners have to do for the next year is lay out the scenario &am
  5. Re #1540 I have to disagree. See mine #1515. Ever since Barcelona 92 cities have been trying to outdo their predecessors in terms of design/mode of lighting. A low priority, I don't think so.
  6. What seems obvious is that not too long after London's successful bid in 2005 people would have got round the table to discuss major 'Games' items. Among these would have included the manner of lighting the cauldron given the position from Barcelona onwards where increasingly different/novel methods have been employed. What nobody knows is whether a decision on this was made prior to the stadium design being finalised or not. Let's concede that it could be more difficult to design a retro cauldron/lighting later on and superimpose this on a stadium which could not be readily modified. Let's al
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