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  1. hi guys, i'm back after 3 years, i went in London to watch games. Now i'm waiting like you for new by rio2016 tickets. They said march 2015. Anybody received the famous mail to start the run to the ticket?
  2. hi mates! just back home from london.... so, i tell you, london is great, great organization, great services, great safety, great atmosphere in the City, CEREMONY AMAZING. Very good, i'm happy, BUT.....but the cauldron.....nooooo goooood!not fair! I came from italy to watch the ceremony, i did somersaults to be near the stadium, i sold my ticket cause cant found one more to my girlfriend, i watched the ceremony out of stadium in a bar, 25 pounds to stay there, and when i sow the couldron i said:maybe is better that i have deep pokets now. no good, no good no good, is bad! london is gr
  3. Is three anybody that want sell one ticket zo001? C category please!
  4. that's the problem, i'm always checking on the website since 16 th july. but in the last two days when the tickets come out ther,s no possibility to hit them. until last friday was different, i hit more times the ticket of 150 pounds, so the tickets was really avalaibles.( for a problem with my card i can't bought). Since sunday the tickets come out but nobody hit them, i think LOCOG now does just tricking us. I don't know way, but belive in me, I am always one of the first one , already logged in, captcha always just done, basicly always ready to hit them, but every time miss them.
  5. please i'm looking for one ticket zo11 c category, i already have one, is for my girlfriend, please concact me!
  6. http://www.facebook.com/London2012 HEY GUYS ! look at this! the ring appears on strange structures, maybe functionally! i always hope on the orbit, but.....
  8. hey guys! you are practiced than me! please post new photos and news from olympic park! i'm studing a place from wich to wiew the stadium out of olympic park! please help me! :-)
  9. thank you Australian! anyboby of you will be in victoria park or near the olimpic park for 27th july?
  10. rome withdrew his candidacy unfortunately, we had a good chance for 2020. the president of CONI ( italian olimpic committee) is very sad, and me too. I will be too old for watch next games in rome, maybe in 2060.....
  11. thank you! i saw the movie too, very banal! but rome can be even better in the reality! come to visit! :-)
  12. and it can be an important thing: the vision of stadium with orbit from away is extraordinary, they seems to be one. seens from away the fire would seem souspended on the stadium.
  13. Hi buddies, this is my first post. I am really surprised that no one even in this forum managed to dig out the couldron. I'm beginning to get worried, I will be one of the many people who will be in Victoria Park to watch the event on screens, but I was hoping to capture the moment of lighting to be somewhere out of park, where can see the stadium, even away. I will come from italy to do this on purpose. however: the picture from the condominium has enlightened me. despite having seen a thousand times the orbit, only now I realize that the loops of steel end up exactly where the observato
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