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  1. It certainly looks like they turned it off, because the petals appear burned.
  2. I get why you're saying sorry only because I think of myself as half-British.
  3. Actually it won't, because I'm sure the IOC will remove all traces of it from YouTube, at least until it happens on NBC.
  4. It will be fun to watch the final torchbearer zipline into the stadium from the Orbit.
  5. Now I'm more intrigued about the lighting method. What could the method possibly be that required special permission from the Prime Minister of all people?
  6. Are two of those three cauldrons the original ones from the first games they hosted?
  7. Oh there's no argument. We know with 100% certainty that the Olympic Cauldron will not be at the top of the Orbit Tower. Some norty boy keeps bringing it up though.
  8. This isn't true at all. I joined, and that was after reading this entire exchange of redundancy as put forward by you. If anybody is a "norty boy" here, it's you.
  9. I have no clue, really. I have no "shortlist" because I like to let others do the searching for me. However, if I did have a shortlist, you better believe I wouldn't be shoving said shortlist down the throats of everyone here. I'd post it once, and then if evidence came out to support/unsupport the locations in that shortlist I would only talk about said locations on said shortlist then.
  10. I tell you what, going through this thread, seeing that one dude mention the Orbit tower in every single one of his posts made me want to gouge my eyes out.
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