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  1. Everyone in the stadium has to see the cauldron be lit. Not everyone would be able to see this one out on the plaza.
  2. Looks nice. Should be fun to watch. Not too much longer now!
  3. Nice to see GamesBids get with the status updates train.

  4. Uh... whoops. Been watching too much National Treasure.
  5. Everything. Where are you going to hold swimming? BMX? GOLF?!
  6. While I like the idea of a city held in the birthplace of America, there just isn't enough space for everything. I'm sure the exploratory committee will explore this, and step aside to let the "big" cities of America bid. Also, can't believe someone suggested holding the ceremonies at Fenway Park. Or hell, holding anything at Fenway Park. There are seats there obstructed by pillars. Get outta here.
  7. The more I think about it, the more I want a Summer Olympics in Toronto. Will give me an excuse to head North for a little bit.
  8. The beginning of the Athens OC and the part with the runner on the track breaking through the ribbons as the previous Summer Olympics hosts were announced were both powerful moments. Everything else though, eh.
  9. Unless the Olympic Stadium is the Rogers Centre, I don't see the CN Tower being the Cauldron.
  10. Oh really? When was this? Benjouli for 2026 then.
  11. One city I haven't heard mentioned yet is the city of Bemidji, Minnesota. Fits perfectly into this whole "Native American" theme the Winter Olympics have been going for the past couple go arounds, they have good mountains, in fact, plenty of mountains. Hotels shouldn't be a problem.
  12. Just wanted to let you know, your avatar is the reason why I ordered some of my favorite chips last week.

  13. So my question is, of all the current cauldrons still around, which are still lit and when?
  14. Looking at it again during the end of the Closing Ceremony, I really like the way it looked when it was slightly raised and fanned out. THAT would have been an amazing cauldron.
  15. As I said earlier, I put it in quotation marks because it stopped being Queen when Freddie died. Now it's "Queen"+ random losers they have to sing terribly.
  16. Oh man, imagine if "Queen" does Radio Ga Ga. Imagine that whole stadium clapping along at the right moments.
  17. I'm sure the torch relay will take the torch up there, at the very least. Not sure about the cauldron though.
  18. I'm hoping the Cauldron will have the colors of the logo on display proudly. Greens, blues, oranges.
  19. I tell you what, if "Queen" (and I put quotes around it, because it stopped being Queen when Freddie died) is performing, they better have someone who does the vocals justice, like this guy;
  20. The Orbit makes AustralianFan's "shortlist" of locations for the Paralympic Cauldron. Watch as he tells you how it will 100% be there and watch as he tells you people who are experts are wrong!
  21. Right, here was my idea until I learned the distance between the two main stadiums; Someone stands EXACTLY between the two stadiums, and lights a rope that travels to the stadiums and lights identical cauldrons.
  22. Okay, well what I was thinking of clearly wouldn't work. On topic of the London cauldron though, while the lighting was cool, the positioning and such could be so much better. As it stands right now, because it's in front of a screen, it can't burn it's brightest.
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