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  1. I'm sorry Krow, I just have to respond.

    Just because I have Mental Illness, doesn't mean I shouldn't post here. It's like saying, that person has a broken foot, let's tell them not to post. Why wouldn't anyone do that, because that is a physical illness and a Mental Illness is not physical. There should be more understanding and awareness.

    Someone with a broken foot would still know how to function properly on an internet message board. You think racking up 2,000 worthless posts in the short time you have been here is good.

    You keep talking about fresh starts and how you keep apologizing to people. Soon the fresh starts mean nothing and the apologies are as worthless as your posts.

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  2. While I like the idea of a city held in the birthplace of America, there just isn't enough space for everything. I'm sure the exploratory committee will explore this, and step aside to let the "big" cities of America bid.

    Also, can't believe someone suggested holding the ceremonies at Fenway Park. Or hell, holding anything at Fenway Park. There are seats there obstructed by pillars. Get outta here.

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