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      Will it be like the French and Russian ones or more like the Industrial?

  2. The attraction you have to Durban is sickening. So even if the Durban bid sucks the Summer Olympics should go there just because it's never been there before? Nonsense.
  3. You can't stay away from somewhere because there is a 1% chance of something major happening. That's just stupid.
  4. Didn't you say this **** in the other thread? So we should stay away from LA due to the possibility of a cataclysmic earthquake? Guess we better stop holding the games altogether then, since a cataclysmic event could happen anywhere at anytime.
  5. I'm sorry Krow, I just have to respond. Someone with a broken foot would still know how to function properly on an internet message board. You think racking up 2,000 worthless posts in the short time you have been here is good. You keep talking about fresh starts and how you keep apologizing to people. Soon the fresh starts mean nothing and the apologies are as worthless as your posts.
  6. Wow, this looks and feels incredible. Put this up there right now USOC. Put it up!
  7. Gotta vote for the Athens cauldron and the Barcelona lighting.
  8. So you admit to sending me a PM with veiled threats and begging me to like you?
  9. Well you're only saying that because I have since deleted the PM and blocked you, since you sent me about 101 PMs begging me to like you, so...
  10. So you deny sending me a PM with veiled threats about "I know people in Ohio"?
  11. Well like I said, the only moderator of this site is the owner, and the only reason he's putting up with Tony's **** is because he posts a lot, which makes a dying forum look more active. The rest of us are expendable. We pick and chose when to post, so if we get permabanned, hey, no big deal in the grand scheme of things.
  12. You've never seen him be offensive? He tried to threaten me with his alleged thugs in Ohio.
  13. I don't know why he keeps coming to this website. There's nothing here for him. Nobody likes him.
  14. If multiple people have to put you on their ignore lists, it's a problem with you, not them. Wake up!
  15. There are no moderators on this website. It's one guy letting all his spam posts go because it makes the forum look like it has activity. Quite frankly, I'd rather the place look dead if it meant no more spam from the likes of Tony.
  16. I can't wait for the crying when nobody enters. It's going to be glorious.
  17. Well, it is Tony. Take any of his spam posts with a grain of salt.
  18. And finally, you shouldn't use hashtags on a message board. This isn't Twitter.
  19. Says the guy who clearly quoted me just to post yet another spam, useless post. You're not very good at this, are you?
  20. Also, I'd watch to see how Cleveland does with the Gay Games this Summer.
  21. No way will the NFL let another Browns situation happen.
  22. If San Francisco is a no-go, what about Oakland? They will need a new stadium soon. All the beauty of San Fran without the political corruption. Trying to think of other cities that might need an NFL stadium soon that are realistic... Buffalo? New ownership might want a new stadium, but I doubt they'll bid. Would Chicago try for another run? San Diego talked about bidding, and their stadium is rather old. Imagine a New Orleans Summer Olympics. Oh man.
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