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  1. Not really returning home as such, but the GB victory parade is currently taking place through central London. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2200820/Olympic-parade-One-million-people-expected-line-streets-London-cheer-Britains-Olympic-Paralympic-heroes.html
  2. Well that was bloody marvellous. Really didn't know what to expect tonight but I was blown away especially by the 2nd part after the athletes parade. Have to say that I thought Boyle did a decent job, even though there were parts I would have changed in the Olympics Opening Ceremony, including that silly social media segment. But the 2nd half of tonight's show was everything the segment after Pandemonium in the Olympic Opening Ceremony should have been. Really really impressed!
  3. Damn, if they'd told me earlier I would have run to the kitchen to grab one...
  4. Martine Wright just interviewed on Channel 4. Incredible story for those that don't know. Was celebrating on the 6th July 2005 when London won the games and then was caught up in the 7/7 attacks the next day and lost her legs. Then took up Sit Down Volleyball to recover and now about to go into the stadium as a British Paralympian. Fascinating twist of fate...
  5. No complaints about the ceremony so far, but Krishnan Guru Murphy on the Channel 4 Coverage is getting incredibly irritating. Thanks God for the Canadian Paralympian he has commentating with him...
  6. From reading your posts on this forum, I believe the 'complex' lays with you. There's been something about your posts which has come across as incredibly condescending. I noticed it when I first started reading this forum a few months ago and it has continued and got worse while the games have been on. This post sums it up nicely and I am sure I am not the only one who has noticed. London has been very relaxed and in no desperate 'need' to prove itself. Perhaps the attitude from the Brits has been in response to people noticing your attitude and reacting...
  7. Brilliant! Well done Mo! Love that side-on camera shot at the end, with Mo crossing the line and the crowd bouncing in the background!
  8. GB have added another gold tonight to take the tally to 25, with Jade Jones in the Taekwondo. Still hopeful of 30, although might be a step too far...
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