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  1. Blimey... I didn't spot it first time... the Olympic rings on the base of the table!! I just checked the Beijing tables on Google and they had a different design. Nice touch!
  2. I look forward to seeing the Look for Rio. I like the fact that both have a dimensional quality but I do prefer the Olympic symbol, which has more rhythm. I keep seeing a face mask or an athletic guard/support for the Paralympic logo!
  3. My all time favourites (from SOG) Top 3 favourite logos 1) Los Angeles (all time favourite) 2) Barcelona (got me inspired to take up graphic design) 3) Athens (symbolic and timeless) Top 3 favourite 'Looks' 1) Mexico City (a Look on acid from the genius Lance Wyman) 2) Athens (brilliant marriage of ancient and modern) 3) Munich or London
  4. As a graphic designer myself, I agree with NY20 about the logo as an icon. There's no other international event this year, bigger than the XXX Olympiad so to create a symbol that spells out '2012' is a clever move. Talking to friends, family and colleagues, nearly everyone refers to the London Olympics as simply '2012'. The thinking/strategy by Wolff Olins was simply brilliant. London can't be summed up in one familiar symbol, plus it's a reminder that this event is not just about the capital city, it's the entire country - best illustrated through the incredible support for the torch relay.
  5. A great article from the Telegraph (which has always been quite supportive). Refreshing to see a positive piece... then you just laugh at the irony when you see the whingers and moaners in the comments below! http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/olympics/9415227/London-2012-Olympics-its-going-to-be-the-time-of-our-lives.html
  6. Also, perhaps a better media response has they presented the whole look. I guess their hands were tied on this. Now that we've seen everything, I think it's looking really strong. I'm curious to see how this looks as TV graphics - the digital clock, results, etc. Also if it animates on-screen to cut between action replays/slow mo's.
  7. Much as I like the idea of the flag/banners, I think they're poorly done. I agree with NY20 - way too much white. As a pin badge they would be great but on a banner they should have repeated it or cropped in. Interesting how the union flag in-fill that's been use widely to date has been abstracted slightly in sections rather than the whole flag (as shown on those banners)
  8. Just walking home and spotted Earls Court all dressed up. Looks okay but I think they could have done a bit more. http://img801.imageshack.us/img801/6254/earlscourt2012.jpg
  9. Love it. Can't wait to see all the venues brought to life - fully dressed with spectators and athletes. Use of colour is wisely restrained but the lines and shards give texture and energy. I couldn't bear the rainbow spectrum of colours in Beijing.
  10. My... that's a big box of batons on her luggage trolley!
  11. Another corker of a signature Davey! I've been following as a guest for years and always noticed how witty and uplifting they are!
  12. It's still showing... it finishes at midnight!
  13. Anyone else watching BBC3 right now? Top 50 Olympics' Most Amazing Moments. Light hearted look over past Olympiads. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b01l22by
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