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  1. Just read an article somewhere (probably the BBC) that the entrance of The Queen is also weather dependant, along with the cauldron just keeps getting more and more interesting... Well then mateys time to say goodbye, so excited and can't wait, bit bizarre today feeling very proud to be British especially today. Have fun, drink tea and be merry.
  2. Can you at least confirm that it's a beautiful piece of work?
  3. Well I think that with two days to go there is only one thing to say! Who'd like a cup of tea then?
  4. HA HA Just had a very silly thought, cool but silly all the same! What about a kind of Thunderbirds launch sequence kind of thing? You know a building opens up and out pops the cauldron. very FAB....;
  5. If what is reportes by ATR is indeed true, and it is only visible inside the stadium it will be the biggest dissapointment ever! Really! one of the biggest, if not the biggest symbol of the olympic games and it is only visible to those lucky enough to have tickets! To me the Olympic flame should be visible to all! (even if it is on the Orbit )
  6. Sorry forgot to add, there are five of them and they are positioned in the olympics rings kind of fashion 3 on one side and 2 on the other It's not one ring though it's 5 and if they are still in basic form who knows, wouldnt take long to bolt on other pieces.
  7. Ok so I have been reading the post and trawling through a lot of photos and posts and I think that I might have the answer Anyone else noted that those circular objects on the roof actually move as in float into the stadium. Maybe I am wrong and I live inToulouse so can't actually see the stadium in real life, but if what I think is what will happen, would be so cool.
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