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  1. that was the athens relay, before all the demonstrations and only host country ****
  2. no, people are suggesting that the cauldron will rest on the cables, it has already been proven that they are strong enought to support a considerable amount of weight
  3. although a suspended cauldron (a distinct possibility) will be very interesting, i did see a large bowl somewhere on one of the photos, maybe that is to be suspended, allowing both a hanging cauldron and something heatherwick designed.
  4. ahh, would be a massive favour if anyone in london could do that, become a forum legend for a day, im surprised though that there isnt any media there, absolutely no media coverage of the event today, they must not be as committed to finding out as we are
  5. didnt heatherwick say that they would show the design of the cauldron at 9am on the 27th, which i think was around 20 minutes ago, (working off sydney time), if thats the case, can anyone find anything about it, because ive been looking all over to no avail
  6. hi, been reading this thread with great interest for a while, and it seems to me as it may seem to many others that regarding the PM's permission etc, (btw, i believe a cauldron of any sort whatsoever would require fire marshall approval) that there is a distinct possibility ( and i really hope so) that the cauldron could be a ring of fire around the roof of the stadium, this is supported by those 2 segments of the roof lit up, in one of the latest photos, this could act as a form of countdown cock to the lighting. Of course i could also be completely and utterly wrong
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