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  1. Thanks baron-pierre!! ,) hey, thanks!... i forgot Heatherwick.. well i have no clue haha... but i'm sure that is not going to be something in the orbit...
  2. hey kids! i'm kind of new here, i've been reading you since 2004, i was a member then but i forgot my password and name ha!, i was a torchbearer back then, im from mexico by the way... back to the topic... i was thinking about the posibility of the rings becoming the cauldron in their final position, maybe something "a la Athens" but high in the sky haha.. well on the center of the stadium??.. i would love that!... and the other day my dad told me that he saw a report from london about a mexican girl being part of the opening ceremony and he said something about the fire running on the walls of the stadium or something like that, i don't know what he saw but he was very convinced hahaha... do you know something about this??.. (sorry for my english).. i'm sooo excited about this olympics!!!! can't wait!!.. thanks for the pics, the info and everything!!!
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