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  1. I think it's possible the Thames on the stage (and perhaps the real one) will figure in the cauldron lighting, but I have reservations.

    I dont think the cauldron will be in the center of the stadium because it would have to be moved later for the field events.

    Also, rivers flow one direction. If the Thames on the stage is used it will work more like the corridor in Athens. The flame will travel one direction and light a cauldron on the north end. I don't expect the flame to move from both ends towards the middle. The athletes could conceivably be moved to the sides (as they were for Kaklamanakis). I wouldn't expect crazy amounts of flame on the stadium floor or near the cables for safety and heat reasons.

    I also think the cauldron lighting event is probably more self-contained than Baron's theory. It has been thoroughly tested elsewhere. If the Thames on the stage were going to erupt into flame, don't you'd think they would want to test that in place? I'm not saying it can't happen, but I think it's less likely.

    Also, I saw nothing in that woman's response to Baron that served as a subtle suggestion that he was on the right track.

    I dont see any likelihood that the Fire of London -- a major disaster -- would be commemorated in the cauldron lighting. It doesn't make sense.

    I think you make lots of valid points here. In your scenario that caldron would be positioned underneath the tor, which is pretty likely, and the river would be the corridor leading up to it, not the most amazing idea, but doable, safe and simple. But what about the hole in the center of the stadium? What's the purpose of that?

  2. Are you able to translate the relevant paragraph in the interview at all?

    (or can give tips on the keywords to use in the google search?)

    I'll give it a try...

    It basically says the caldron design is spectacular and futuristic and that the caldron lightning is integrated with the OC direction. It also says that Heatherwick has asked David Cameron's permission to use that particular kind of lightining and that the caldron was built in northern England where it has been through tests already.

    Maybe they are not using gas pipe lines but other methods and that's what they need the PM permission for...

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