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  1. Like London had a hard act to follow after Beijing. The true is that every Olympic is different. China laid its own mark when they hosted, London laid its own mark now and Rio will do the same in 2016. Rio will have its ups and downs but in the end, I'm sure it's gonna be fun and enjoyable party. I don't think the brazilian organizers have to worry about London too much, they have to make their own Olympics now and hopefully people in the world will enjoy it, if not, I'm sure brazilians will love the experience either way. This is gonna be a south american Olympics, like it or not.
  2. No rock'n'rol during the ceremonies in Rio, please! I had enough of it last night lol Just samba and bossa nova! By the way, I hope the female performers in the ceremonies won't be too covered, like in the handover. I mean, c'mon, give me some half-naked people! This is Rio for god's sake, I want to see beauty everywhere! lol
  3. They could use corcovado while lightining the caldron (maybe the flame will came from there), but not exactly put the caldron up there. I don't know, either way, the discussion about the 2016 caldron shpuld be even more interesting than the one we had about london's.
  4. I don't think so. I just saw the infield on brazilian tv. It's covered with an stylized union flag (or something like that). The weather looks cloudy, maybe we'll have light rain during the ceremony.
  5. He's probably talking about brazilian's forests. I have a feeling the CC will surpasse the OC by far!
  6. Talking about the olympic flag, here's an epic entrance in Barcelona:
  7. It looks like it's gonna be dance-heavy. I'm glad they're going to showcase the national culture instead of focusing just on Rio and samba. Should be fun.
  8. Volleyball will be played in Maracananzinho (the indoor stadium close to Maracana). Beach volleyball will be played in Copacabana.
  9. Today was announced that Maracana will be closed from april to august 2016 for the next opening ceremony, That means the organizers will have four months to preparate the stadium (and possibly the caldron) for the ceremony on august 5th. Sounds good.
  10. What I understand from this report (http://aroundtherings.com/articles/view.aspx?id=38411) is that the ceremonial consortium is formed by the italian company that produced Torino 2006 and a brazilian production team, the ones responsible for Rio's world famous NYE party. I'm sure brazilians will have a major role in the creative process. Ric Birch is part of the consortium from what I read, although I did not understand exactly what his job will be.
  11. So.......the OC in 2016 should be fun! Is it confirmed the same guy who produced the Sidney ceromony is producing Rio's?
  12. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2183829/After-spectacular-opening-mini-London-Eye-bring-curtain-down.html
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