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  1. There was some discussion about cutting women's hockey from the Winter Games because of concerns of lack of competition!! I wonder if maybe they should consider eliminating women's basketball. The US Women have won the last five golds. There is not reason to believe that they won't win a 6th straight one in Rio. I wonder with the lopsided games, I wonder if some players on the other teams when they play the US are not giving their best effort? The lack of competition is ridiculous!! The fans deserve a tournament that is fun and exciting. Not a lopsided affair each time!! At least the US NBA team's games are more competive now!!
  2. I do not understand why NBC keeps tearing the closing ceremonies to pieces so they can show another premiere of some stupid sitcom!! They did not show the final medal ceremony, the piano and circus segments as well as the playing of the Greek and Olympic anthems. Shame on you NBC!! Is it NBC's decision or are the producers of the sitcoms demanding that their show be premiered!! Somebody needs to tell the producers of the sitcoms back off. Maybe it is time for the IOC/USOC to award the rights to another network(ABC/ESPN would be my preference)
  3. The NBC Commentator noted that the communist Russia era history segment was the "touchiest" portion of the opening ceremony. It probably would be too complicated and political for the director to have gone into too much depth into the Stalin era and Soviet Breakup. It begs a question. If Berlin hosts a future summer games, how would opening ceremony producers do a segment that would touch on WWII, Hitler and the Nazi's as well as Soviet bloc division of Germany and eventual reunification. Could be even more trickier.
  4. I think the IOC should re-name the Opening/ Closing Ceremonies. I understand there are the traditional protocol element(Athletes Parade,opening speeches,lighting of the cauldro etc) But times have changed!! The ceremonies don't seem completely ceremony esq at all!! It really seems more like 3-5 hour concert/ party(a extended Super Bowl Half Time show!!) Don't want to lose the spectators and tv audiences with all protocol!! The term "opening/closing festival or party would be better.
  5. Sounds like it was a spectacular show!! The bear mascot looks somewhat like Misha(A nod to the 1980 Moscow opening/closing festivies?) Too bad that the political grand standing and boycotts prevented many from seeing the Moscow festivies i n 1980. Not a bit surprised who they chose to light the flame. Salt Lake City had Mike Eruzione and the 1980 "Miracle on Ice" team light the flame. Russia answered with Tretiak!!
  6. In relation the the discussion about sports that should be eliminated what sports do you think should be added? Here are some of my suggestions: Ballroom Dancing/ group dance competition Rollerblading/Roller skating Skateboarding
  7. Hey somebody just spilled the beans with that video!! Looks like we have a cauldron sighting!!
  8. It is a big relief that we may now know at least that there is a cauldron and that it is being tested. It was obvious that the cauldron would not be tested during the dress rehearsal(too many people that would leak the secret). It is best that they wait until almost everybody left. My guess they will probably will test it once more tonight or early in the morning. The advantage of the nightime is that they can sneak the person or persons in who will light it and go through entire sequence of the cauldron . I remember the story of 1996 when they snuck Mohammed Ali into Centennial Olympic Stadium in the nightime using only a flashlight to guide him. I am sure they will pull it off.
  9. Someone did mention yesturday that the they believe that athletes may still be sitting down.). If the athletes do sit, this would be a strong indication the cauldron is indeed underneath the stadium floor. If it is smaller cauldron then a medium sized hole is probably somwhere, but if it is giant one the whole stadium floor may have to open up. Maybe we will get a "ET" or "Close Encounters" type of effect.
  10. They certainetly could assemble parts of the cauldron at a secret location and wheel it into sthe stadium or outside under the cover of darkness and test it. But that black fence is interesting. It could be simply be used for the utilities(water, power,). The security could be soo no one tries to poison the water or do something to the power. But then again who knows!!
  11. Reminds of the opening of Phantom of the Opera when the chandlier rises up to the ceiling Sorry about the small textt!! The rings remind me of the opening of Phantom of the Opera when the chandlier rises to the top of the ceiling.
  12. There seems to be a lot talk about the tree prop being related the cauldron. Maybe the final torch bearer will climb on top of the tree and it will rise up to the top of the stadium where the cauldron will appear or the tree will "open up" to reveal the cauldron.
  13. I ment to say "no cauldron at all) Sorry for the typo!!
  14. The next to final torch bearere will stand on a platform in the the middle of the stadium and Princess Diana, John Lennon, Elvis Presley will rise from the stage to carry the torch to the top of the stadium. A UFO will appear and deliver the cauldron(yeah right!!). I think the cauldron will be either 1. Inside the stadium(possibly above) 2. On top of the orbit tower(why would they be just have it stand there?) 3. Another location in the city(London Bridge, Millienium Wheel, Hyde Park, Big Ben,) Like others have mentioned they maybe plannng something we have never seen before. Though I doubt they would use a "virtual cauldron" or have cauldron at all. It will be interesting see what they have in mind.
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