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  1. Your comment doesn't make sense. It is fabric...but that is why Vancouver had a cauldron/brazier coming out of the ground...NOT suspended on/from the roof. And then you're saying because it is fabric, the chances are higher that a burning cauldron would appear here in London, suspended? Huh? :blink:

    The covering of the roof has nothing to do with the structure it self..... Chicago is trying yo say thay since the roof is fabric, you cannot "sit/mount" the cauldron on the roof. Just because the covering on the roof is fabric, does not mean you cannot suspend a cauldron from wires attached to the roof structure.... just sayin

  2. Mystery cloud? Wasn't it used in Green/Pleasant, & after its use there, the 3 clouds just get parked to the side? (It could be hiding a very lightweight cauldron...but how do you clear it from all that "cloud material" (whatever that cotton-candy material is)...and they have to put that whole thing together again this morning? The clouds have nothing directly to do with a cauldron.

    Actually, this whole Opening Ceremony is really just a digital production. It does NOT exist.

    Hole-in-the-ground. It's been there since April.

    That cloud does to appear to have more of a rectangular shape than the others.......

  3. So, after putting all the evidence from this site together.... we can deduce some more.... (these pictures that have already bee posted, I'm just reposting)......

    Original flame location from video:


    Here is the screen cap of the Fisheye webcam showing a flame:


    Here is the daylight view from the webcam, showing the Orbit is on the opposite side:


    Here is what I have discovered:


    This is assuming that everthing posted has been correct!

  4. The big question relating to the wires is how 'James Bond' will parachute in.

    When they did the little bond theme section and a helicopter appearing over the stadium during the rehearsal - I'm there staring up expecting somebody to appear (they skipped the scene) and just thinking how the hell anyone would get through the wires. It will be a tight squeeze if he does get in.

    Maybe he will land on the ledge above the Tor.....

  5. Right so I'm back from the rehearsal and can sadly say I'm non the wiser. However the show was amazing.

    * Firstly I noticed the rings around the roof/edge of the stadium - however during the show they turned out not to be part of the cauldron but as part of the performance (as seen in the photo above. And I can confirm it is completely real and not shopped.)

    * Secondly, there are 4 main clouds which circle the stadium, obviously part of the countryside section of the show. However I noticed that on the roof, on the section above where the tree is - there is a smaller, squarer cloud which was unused. Though eventually that too was used for a later part of the show.

    * The show does seem to have a lot of things coming out of the ground - so would it be impossible for the cauldron to raise from the middle of stadium?

    * The show also has a lot of things flying in from the air so perhaps the cauldron could be suspended.

    * I like the idea of a laser linking from Shard to the cauldron - perhaps going to other landmarks in the process. (Though that has of course already kind of been done).

    *What what I saw at the rehearsal, the tree did not make any contribution to the show, the hill leading up to it was used as a stage for music acts a couple of times as well as the flag poles - so surely the tree will be used for something?

    Finally - I did find some fireworks (at least that's what it looks like) on a barge floating in the river.


    Ok, just thinking.....

    We have seen confirmed pictures of the tree being suspended in air in this thread (correct?)... if they did not show the tree moving at all during the rehearsal, couldn't that be a tell tell sign that the cauldron is somewhere within the tor? Although the picture of the tree in air could have just been them installing it from a crane.....

  6. Because it was already confirmed some months ago by LOGOC that the Orbit will not host the cauldron.

    Just throwing my two cents in......

    I do not believe it is the orbit, but if it was the orbit, why would the LOGOC admit it? They wouldnt expose the location before the OC! They could just be deterring people from the obvious.... just food for thought.

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  7. Here you go. I don't see the x though. (Click here for larger version.)


    <a href="http://tinypic.com?ref=97pisk" target="_blank"><img src="http://i49.tinypic.com/97pisk.png" border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic"></a>

    This "X"?

    <a href="http://tinypic.com?ref=97pisk" target="_blank"><img src="http://i49.tinypic.com/97pisk.png" border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic"></a>


    This "X"?

  8. 35mirfd.jpg

    Well, that platform above the Tree & Tor does look BIG enough to support a medium-sized cauldron. Is that where it might be?

    So will the lighter climb up to the tree branches. it rises; there's a little wick connected to the cauldron, and Daley/Redgrave lights the short wick?

    (But I still don't see the significance of a tree being uprooted from this fake Glastonbury Tor and rising a few feet into the air? Why?)

    C'mon Ceremonies performers & volunteers --- look harder!! U ain't looking hard enough!! :lol:

    I totally agree that the cauldron will be somewhere around that area, but why can we not see any gas lines going up to that spot? Beijing's stadium could conceal the gas line within its structure, but here there is not to hide it.......

  9. Does not have to do with the cauldron, but what are those three rings between the spotlights on the roof?

    Gotta give the organizing team credit, we're getting close to zero hour and none of us really have a solid clue.

    Looking at the photo..... why would you need stairs going down to beneath the bridge (near the colorful sidewalk)? Could this be a possible hint about the location?

  10. Hello all....

    A Newbie here! I have really enjoyed reading all the posts. I am excited about all the pre-Olympics buzz.

    After looking at some of the posts and photos.... I agree that the cauldron will be something that is portable and will be inside the stadium during the ceremony and moved afterwards. I also think, that since we have seen pictures of the giant tree lifting from its base in the stadium, the cauldron could lift from inside the big hill where the tree sits.

    Earlier arguments suggested that placing it there would be a safety concern for the spectators and too close to the stadium.... again lets not forget the Sydney cauldron that can really close to viewers as it rose to the top of the stadium. The flame was not fully turned on high until it reached the top.


    Could the tree be used to lift the person lighting the cauldron on top of the stadium?

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