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  1. The covering of the roof has nothing to do with the structure it self..... Chicago is trying yo say thay since the roof is fabric, you cannot "sit/mount" the cauldron on the roof. Just because the covering on the roof is fabric, does not mean you cannot suspend a cauldron from wires attached to the roof structure.... just sayin
  2. That cloud does to appear to have more of a rectangular shape than the others.......
  3. Good point...thats why I stated if everything is true..... I did not originally post that picture....someone posted that picture around the time the video was released and said they saw something flickering there on the webcam
  4. So, after putting all the evidence from this site together.... we can deduce some more.... (these pictures that have already bee posted, I'm just reposting)...... Original flame location from video: Here is the screen cap of the Fisheye webcam showing a flame: Here is the daylight view from the webcam, showing the Orbit is on the opposite side: Here is what I have discovered: This is assuming that everthing posted has been correct!
  5. Maybe he will land on the ledge above the Tor.....
  6. Fuel supply could be light Sydney's cauldron until it rose to the top..... it held 35 mins of portable fuel
  7. Maybe its just the sun rising....... oops Just got a little confused, because the world map did not show the sun rising in London yet...... LOL
  8. I was watching a webcam of the Stadium and all of a sudden this huge white light started developing around the stadium........ this screen cap was taken at around 11:45am Eastern Standard time USA....approx 4:45am London time. Could this be cauldron related?
  9. I just read in DailyBleach (dont know how creditible that is) that Phil Collins is the final torchbearer.
  10. Ok, just thinking..... We have seen confirmed pictures of the tree being suspended in air in this thread (correct?)... if they did not show the tree moving at all during the rehearsal, couldn't that be a tell tell sign that the cauldron is somewhere within the tor? Although the picture of the tree in air could have just been them installing it from a crane.....
  11. Just throwing my two cents in...... I do not believe it is the orbit, but if it was the orbit, why would the LOGOC admit it? They wouldnt expose the location before the OC! They could just be deterring people from the obvious.... just food for thought.
  12. Whats the purple structure on top of the roof towards the right?
  13. <a href="http://tinypic.com?ref=97pisk" target="_blank"><img src="http://i49.tinypic.com/97pisk.png" border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic"></a> This "X"? This "X"?
  14. I totally agree that the cauldron will be somewhere around that area, but why can we not see any gas lines going up to that spot? Beijing's stadium could conceal the gas line within its structure, but here there is not to hide it.......
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