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  1. True, but funny how sydney 2000 looks traditional and london 2012 looks futuristic, what a difference 12 years makes. I like Rio in context with all the other past wordmarks, London's really stands out, interesting that the same design company is also responsible for Athens' wordmark, or lack thereof.
  2. The problem in London is the nature of the disassembly of the cauldron. I guess either they could have a smaller one to count all the countries participating in the paralympics (as im sure people on this forum have suggested, or possibly they may keep only the petals on those countries on the existing cauldron (might look a bit weird). Either way I doubt it will be moving, ie retracting, it will be in its final position and static.
  3. IN previous paralympics the existing cauldrons are usually used, they're method of lighting is usually more modest or different. In Sydney the same cauldron was used, but due to its height in the stands and the waterfall and hydraulics being replaced by seating during the olympics it could not be lit the same way as the games.. instead it was symbolically lit from a cauldron in the centre of the field. In athens I recall the cauldron dipped the same way as the olympics. In Beijing they had an extraordinary wheelchair athelete who pulled himself all the way up to the cauldron on a rope (amazing to watch). In vancouver they only used the central column of the internal cauldron, and lit the external cauldron the same way as the olympics.
  4. Actually the London 2012 brand is unique in that the main wordmark is also used as a the main font for other branding. If you look at Beijing, Torino & Sydney who all had a pretty distinct and dynamic wordmarks they all had an auxiliary font used for other branding purposes. Sydney used ITC Binary (http://www.fontpalace.com/font-details/Binary+ITC/) on alot of its material yet strangely also used times new roman for their venue subheadings (Games of the New Mellenium) and helvetica for wayfinding. Torino used a cursive style font for the Passion Lives here Slogan and then again helvetica for wayfinding. Off the top of my head, I dont recall the wayfinding/axuiliary font for Beijing but it looked similar to an aerial type font (One world. One dream. - or similar). I agree that the Rio2016 font is not the easiest to read, which makes me wonder if they will also employ and auxiliary font for slogan and other branding along with a easily read helvetica, times or calibri font for wayfinding and blocks of text. Alternatively, as shown in this promotional material it may be used more widely as the 2012 font has been. As much the London brand has grown on me (nothing on athens or vancouver brands), I welcome a change back to the more conservative Rio brand. That said, bad font and all, I think the London 2012 wordmark is probably more effective and distinctive than the Rio 2016 mark. In my opinion the best olympic wordmarks have been Sydney 2000 and Torino 2006.
  5. Except the burner technology being employed these days makes for cauldrons designed for all weather conditions including extreme weather, so it is unlikely it would go out. Even if you look at the torches over the past 5 olympics very few get extinguished unintentionally. The issue here, as Athensfan pointed out is the visibility and intentional extinguishing of the flame. In addition vancouver the indoor cauldron was not extinguished until well after the external cauldron had been lit. And in winter olympics it can maybe be argued having a cauldron in a highly visible location away from the stadium makes sense as no events apart from the ceremonies happen there but no excuse at summer olympics. (sochi being an exception as it has a main olympic park with key venues and thus will probably have a stadium cauldron visible in the park)
  6. I agree nobase2010! Is this photo actually post olympic ceremony or a now leaked pre ceremony photo. I guess it makes sense, but I had hoped that when they were going to 'move' the cauldron, it was going to be a moblie whole unit with an independent secondary gas supply a bit like sydney 2000's saucer, then they would reconnect it to the main gas supply in its final position. If they have just switched it off completely after the OC or for any significant time then this cauldron is far worse than i ever though, this is an absolute joke if thats what is happening.
  7. I was wrongly convinced (and not wanting) the cauldron to be the orbit, however now i think I would have preferred it. I agree with posters it would have been nice if they at least had the 1948 cauldron somewhere in the park or on top of the orbit, thought two cauldrons annoy me as well. I think this sort of cauldron would have been great in a berlin style stadium where the corner inside the stadium that holds the short cauldron is open to the outside world and thus visible, but to not see it for the first week of the games is a travesty. As others have pointed out Sydney's Cauldron, was perhaps one of the smallest in recent games but its placing high in the stands made it be seen for kilometres in every direction. For those that say; "you take a photo once then why do you care if you see it after that", it surprises me that anyone who has been to an olympic games would feel that way, the cauldrons for the games I have attended appeared to a focal point for everyone in our group and I would assume, the majority of spectators. After coming up with such a unique beautiful concept and a cauldron that is so symbolic, not finding a way to move it to its final location and/or making it visible outside the stadium seems like a cop out. If they are going to make the camera argument then they should have at least had a 24/7 web stream of the cauldron on the on the london 2012 homepage. I am not sure about other broadcasts, or if I have just missed it in Australia but I am yet to see the cauldron in daylight on TV and can't find any pictures of it. I think LOCOG has missed the mark, maybe I will go to Sydney Olympic Park and see the lit cauldron there......... Sorry to flood the forum, the other thing they could have at least done is have some of the medal ceremonies centralised in a publicly open olympic stadium every night ala salt lake and vancouver and then at least have the public able to view the cauldron. Though the challenge here would have been the logisitcal bump out time needed for the opening ceremony (tor, stadium floor etc.) before the start of Athletics.
  8. The only thing that kills this theory is that there was all the ugly services (air con etc) on the roof of the orbit observation deck. Unless this has been covered and prettified, it would seem a bit ugly in aerial shots. either that or it is going up the orbit inside the roller coaster track ala salt lake style. but definately more likely just in the stadium. It would be amazing, if not impossible if the loop of the orbit pushed high pressure gas into the 'gap in the loop' between the observation deck and top of the orbit making a self suspending flame in the middle. (not much design work for heatherwick though and way too eye of sauron like). Sorry guys its all too close, im getting giddy and ridiculous.
  9. I agree, the flame is not coming from the orbit, could it be transferred like doha 2006?, i still think the orbit is such a strange coincidence, as much as I dont want it to be the cauldron.
  10. Sorry if someone has said this already (haven't looked at this forum the last few days - trying at least) As we noted by a few before(in the photo I attached ages ago), the skylight on orbit roof shows an area that one can look up at the flame from the observation deck. In other footage I have seen that the skylight is mirrored underneath the observation deck of the orbit, the idea im sure is so one can look up from the ground at the base of the orbit and see through the glass floor and skylight as see the flame above. https://skydrive.live.com/redir?resid=A8BC41CF688E70F9!2102 Either way, Its been great speculating with you all, no more spoilers for me, everyone enjoy the show.
  11. It may very well be the orbit I agree I don't know how the orbit would work well as a cauldron, but the new BBC Aerial Photos of the Orbit roof, suggest otherwise. Look at the massive void/hole and how much piping hardware is around it. It is all but confirmed, at least for me, this is where the cauldron will emerge
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