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  1. I don't know if this video has already been posted about the london cauldron, aopologies if it has: There are also some other Olympic Segments on the Youtube channel reflecting on Australia's Involvment in building London's Athlete's village etc. They are slanted to that focus as they are produced by Australia's trade board to promote Australia reputation with big events, so please understand the bias in them in that context. The provide some interesting general insights about olympic planning if anyone is interested..
  2. it is sad really how many of these important and historically significant items are disposed of without thought, cauldrons have faired better, I particularly like vancouver and salt lakes post-olympics placement. (sydneys too just wish they didn't separate from the mast). But other elements get less love.. I worry what will become of the many of the massive olympic rings on tower bridge and all around london/uk. Sydney only had two sets (on the habour bridge and the Martin Place live site), and both of these were sold for scrap....which is a travesty considering how Iconic especially the bridge ones were... Ironically in both instances the scrappers that recieved them could not bear to destroy them so the bridge ones site on scrap yard rusting away in western sydney and the martin place ones sit on the wall of a non descript warehouse on a main road in sydney's south. these things should really be put on display in parks or at the olympic parks. Maybe OCOG/IOC worry that in twenty years as they are left unmainted they will look decrepit and taint the brand of the olympics. But both sydney's sets look surprisingly good 12 years on with no care.. If transport was not such a hassle they could at least be taken to the olympic museum in lusanne.
  3. I hope they keep those stems and put replica petals on top, especially because they wont be blackened they will stand more as a museum piece.. Sadly in sydney a similar tragedy occured, whilst the saucer part of the cauldron was reworked into a fountain, they cauldron mast was carelessly disposed of...... this definitely should not happen in London!
  4. Great show, great games and I would say the best closing ceremony ever staged... But I am going to let it sink in for a few days before I say anymore. It's been alot of fun of these threads, thanks to all for making my olympics that much better!
  5. I just was watching replays of the mens walk.... and there is a gold branding strip with purple shards at the pit stops with a purple branding fence overlay behind it.. The variation looks greaT! especially on the shard effect, is this happening elsewhere and I have missed it ?? I wish there was more of it...
  6. I think a rio cauldron with a pressure suspended flame on the inside of a 3d representation/sculpture of the rio logo would be interesting...... (if technically and safely achievable)
  7. yep thank god the motherland showed colonies how to do it right yeah? not to start a pissing war, it was crap that both those things happened in Sydney and Vancouver, and I agree with elegant alternatives like athens.... But I rather have an overcomplicated cauldron that didn't work 100% than and overcomplicated one than gets doused and moved after the show and relit on a cherry picker....
  8. I agree with NY's great summary... I think overall it has grown on me and has been a wonderful and challenging norms episode of olympic branding. The only thing I would like to add, is I think the look would have been further enhanced if they took their two tone venue concept a little further. One of the things I liked in Sydney, though it was one primary colour the second level and third level tiers of venue seating were decorated in a different colour Red, white, (a lighter blue and yellow). I think the whole dominant colour venue thing was great but I would have liked to see some slight variety within higher tiers. I think that is why the look worked so well in some venues i.e. archery and beach volleyball but didn't work that great in the olympic stadium, the football arenas and gymnastics venues. I think if they were to use each venue's shard effect colour as the base colour on the second tier (with the shard effect on that in the primary venue colour it would have added a nice symmetry to the look and honoured colour wheel designer rules. What I mean is then that the purple and green of wimbeldon would be inverted to green base and purple shards on the second tier which would have tied the venue better IMO to the green grass courts. Especially in venues with super tiers (i.e. wembely) I think this would have maximised the effect of the look but still be subtle enough in venues like the beach volleyball at horse guards parade to give them an overall dominant effect. The basketball venue is one example where the black was used as another alternate colour to great effect, producing the best looking IMHO, olympic basketball court i've seen to date. Aside from this as athensfan and I have discussed elsewhere, I love olympic word marks, but in london, in some venues it was way overused with too many layers of word marking... I think they could have avoided that by using their tagline more on the second layer effect (light blue as in signature below)i.e. inspire a generation and games of the XXX olympiad, much in the same way sydney and atlanta (among others) did in their second layer - 'centennial olympic games' and 'Games of the new millennium'. The other unsure bit for me was the upscaling of the wordmark and olympic rings on every branding strip (making it fill virtual the whole vertical height in varying strip heights) instead of keeping the same word mark and ring scale in different layers. Alternatively or collectively, I also think they could have used the two tone blue (or two tone purple or pink in the same way) as a more subtle way to break up and enhance the look aswell, as in my signature below:. Easy to criticise when your not the designer, but still a very, very good look programme.
  9. HJ, I know what it is like to have an olympic games change your life, it certainly happened for me, the spectator experience as a teenager in Sydney and as a volunteer changed my career objectives, my ambitions and crazily my understanding and faith in humanity. I have only been to two olympics, some my experience is limited, but I was lucky to have the host city experience in both (living in vancouver/edmonton in the lead up to vancouver) and both experiences were amazing each of reasons different and similar and are inseparable for me.. These were amazing olympics, every olympics is amazing, has that spark, that is why we are all affected by it, sometimes in unique details we rant on, but mostly for a passion we all share.. The london olympics from afar, have been phenomenal and virtually organisationally flawless, exceptional atmosphere with beautiful and sustainable venues... There will never be an olympics like it, because London 2012 is a reflection of not only the UK in this unique moment in time but also to some small degree, a reflection of the planet as whole at this moment too. The olympics are not the be all and end all, but as a global event at the bottom most rung of the ladder of world history they have become an important footnote that takes a quick snapshot of a nation and a planets' mood. This is why comparison on an overall level of a games for me is impossible, especially if one excludes their personal biases, they each make a statement they each stand for a different time. London's games will inspire a generation, just like sydney defined a city and country at the dawn of a new millennium or barcelona brought a nation and city on the world stage or vancouver that saw a country and people clear some cliches and push to be understood better in the world. Maybe other people think this is all wank, but for me this is the reason that the games rise above all the negative elements of their staging: abuse of public funds, doping and bribery. I promise to keep my posts much shorter this week, but the short story is, London was great, but we always have try to keep our biases in check and (for me too) our criticisms relative, measured and not too nit picky. We don't always succeed, I definitely don't, especially in my head. I am not a seb coe, or a danny boyle, nor claim to be, these gifted people give us new olympics that each challenge what has gone before and challenge our thoughts of what an olympics can be.... Do I nit pick analyse and speak my mind, yes, but like everyone else here, I do it to better understand how I feel about these things, not to rubbish anyone or anything. If I am ever lucky enough to ever be involved operationally in a OCOG or creatively in a ceremony, my choices will be a direct result of this process, if not, then they will stand as a pretentious example of my insane obsession with the olympics, to anyone who will listen... My point after all this is, if I can start a topic accepting that the beautiful symbolism of heatherwick's cauldron could start a new trend in cauldron style, even if I don't know if I really like it, then I think everyone else can try to avoid rubbishing everything that has gone before in terms of logos and cauldrons as copying and uninspired.
  10. Moving on; I guess an interesting step from here is to discuss the long term effects of the London Cauldron and lighting will have on future cauldrons. Will there be a return to the traditional crowd level stadium cauldron? Will the 204 petal coming together and disassembly become a new tradition - with ever games making a unique take on a 204 or more piece cauldron? Will the dangerous precedent of not working through impractical problems with clever solutions - i.e. moving cauldron, extinguishing not having it final position for the rest of the games - will this cause more things to slide down the slippery slope? Sorry if not an appropriate topic in this thread, I can start a new thread if need be/and if any demand - i.e. actually anyone cares/wants to talk about it.
  11. Oh dear, I saw the start of this attack, I wish I had completely missed the rest of it. A few days ago I just finished saying how wonderful the games bids community was, so it sad to see someone be so punished for passionately believing something and then apologising for being wrong, only for that to open a quote for quote rubbing in the face...... Its is even more disappointing still that the relentless rubbing is coming from one of the posters I considered to have posts consistently of a very high standard. In any case, was AustralianFan arrogantly dismissing those who had suggestions that were true (i.e. ticket design reflecting cauldron, no infield cauldron etc.)? Yes he was, but so were many others, AustralianFan was just more vocal. If anything I refused to believe it would not be visible outside the stadium and as nothing had been constructed tall enough, I like many others could not comprehend what would be used if not for the orbit........ Clearly the reaction in this forum to the midfield cauldron, its movement and extinguishment and overall smaller scale shows that no one expected a midfield cauldron. I do not mean that midfield cauldron was not predicted what I mean to say I don't think anyone thought it would be the final position, everyone expected it to move itself, somehow, somewhere.... If I had conceived or leaked that a cauldron would be in midfield two weeks before the ceremony and then I was asked on the forum how it would be moved - and if then I replied, it would be extinguished moved and relit on a cherry picker, you would have all said I was lunatic and reply "they would never let that happen, you don't know anything there is no athletics in the first week - that means no one would see the cauldron for the first week." Then broken by the forum, I would say, "but they are going to put it on tv screens above the stadium, that is enough". No one is not admitting we were NOT wrong, I even want to accept the award for biggest flop prediction as Athensfan has suggested the category. BUT Put your mind back four weeks ago, what sounds more ludicrous: > a heatherwick cauldron on top of red rollercoaster thing-a-majig.... >Or the reality of what happened (as hypothetically predicted above)... PS the predicted cauldron on this thread, mirroring the pattern on the tickets but 70 odd metres high, would have been awesome...
  12. I agree, I think it would have looked great if they put it the base in a shallow pool of water (ala Rio 2007 and post games SLC and Vancouver Cauldrons) and had some good lighting uplighting it at night with reflections from the pool. It really feels like they didn't think at all beyond the opening ceremony....
  13. Wembely looks good, I just wish the olympic stadium would have such unobstructed branding strips.
  14. There is probably no question no that I love olympic wordmarks, but I absolutely agree they are way overused in some venues, especially in the rythmic gymnastics - varying sizes and three layers of wordmark before you even get from the gym floor to the stands...
  15. Good to have you back AustralianFan, there was some speculation by the gamesbids elite (and newbies like me) on what mind of happened to you. I imagined a games freak completely absorbed by the event with no time for idle chit chat. I too will eat your humble pie, I thought with right till the video the night before that the orbit will be it, I do agree the Caliban's Dream music/song was great. Welcome back... what might* have happened to you..
  16. Not a worry we are all passionate here... was not offended anyway, just afeard that I was misunderstood...... Be not afeard, be not afeard.........
  17. whoa..... I dont think anyone has said on this thread or entire forum for that matter, that a national anthem should not be played during an opening ceremony. Personally the anthem segments and other nationalistic pomp are my favourite parts of the order of ceremonies (sydney, athens and vancouver included). I was one to even say on the London OC thread that I was disappointed that god save the queen was not more pompy, nationalistic and grand! I do not think anyone here was advocating for a rule to devalue any national flag or prohibit it from flying, it was just an open discussion about the way this has changed and whether it was for the better. There was no resolved thought on it either (I for oneI was swaying both ways) - as I said I liked the national flag carrying/raising in vancouver and didnt mind it in athens beijing or london. Please note, there was no public anger in sydney that the australian flag was not raised side by side equal to the olympic flag, there were over a 100 in the stadium at the time of the anthem. This is a relatively new tradition Perhaps now that raising the country's flag has become a tradition people could be angry that it does not happen, but seeing atlanta had the precedent and sydney followed you would think that the controversy would have started there if it were to start.... (100 australian flags I mean) The flag has very little to do with this thread so I apologise for that....
  18. Thanks Olympian, I personally think the balance of athletes carrying then handing over to a flag party is a nice balance, after all it is these armed forces that secure the games against terrorism and they make it look so swish....
  19. Like I said before pjpauly2k, Leecz and I are being nitpicky and pedantic, your view is perfectly reasonable, though while I cannot speak for Leecz, I am unfortunately, not reasonable
  20. I agree with what your saying (like I said before I am conflicted between the two styles), and I think the focus on the head of state and the national anthem and cultural segments do alot to honour the nation (which is a bigger deal). Sydney, the example that started this discussion, did only raise the olympic flag, but it was hardly not nationalistic, there were over 100 australian flags on horseback, trumpets galore and arguably the best rendition of the Australian anthem that has even been. Symbolically, if the Olympic Flag is meant to respresent the world, 5 continents etc, it is a bit strange protocol wise to have a nations flag flying with it (less so at the otherside of the stadium, but especially side by side. The organisation itself, I agree, is not above nations, but the ideal, by its' very essence, is. I also liked that the host was not above any others and only shared a flag high in the stadium with every other nation. Practically, the raising of a nation's flag is becoming an OC tradition now, and part of the pomp and pagentry, and everyone on these forums is beginning to realise how much I like those things. One tradition that seems to be taking hold is the handover to the military flag party to raise the olympic flag, which I think is another way to honour the sentiments athensfan feels are important. I know this happened in Sydney, and by the video did not happen in Barcelona, does anyone know when this started? <iframe width="640" height="360" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/A5CwoPTnrb4?feature=player_detailpage" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Revelant component from 7:50 PS I loved the acapella rendition of the Greek National Anthem at the Athens OC, espcially cutting to the Acropolis with flying flag. Sorry someone has to teach me how to embed youtube on here: ah......... I was overthinking it...lol
  21. Good observation, Olympian, I wonder what was done in Moscow and LA? I will have to check. I am a little divided, my pure side likes the way it was done in sydney (and previously) but I did kind of like the entire fanfare/welcome followed by vice regal salute and then carrying in of the Canadian flag (a la olympic flag style) by the mounties then hoisted segment of atkin's vancouver ceremony. So I'm not sure how I feel, but I definitely do not like the equal height flagpoles As has been the case i think sie athens. Salt Lake i am not sure about either, I know they had the WTC flag that wasn't hoisted, I remember at the end of the anthem they hoisted an american flag but i forget it if was an equal footing. My my we are pedantic protocol freaks.........
  22. I agree NY and Victor, I didn't really like it, but it was memorable and will always be easily identifiable. I have a feeling they ended up going for the rainbow because in the base colours without multiple gradients the lucky cloud motif looked to awfully similar to panorama and fluid energy - especially in the blue (looked similar to the Athen's water/wave element of panorama) and in red (looked similar to sydney's fluid energy). The consideration may have been the drab colour tones in some areas of beijing and the risk of smog graying out that colour pallet even more. Probably why the Water Cube and TV Tower we so colourful beside silver/grey the Birds Nest.
  23. Yep Baron, you're absolutely right, Stockholm with Melbourne in 1956 is another example and as I mentioned Calgary had plenty. I like to whine, so I still don't really like it London's is bearable as it is only a community cauldron
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