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  1. I did not know there two flag pole sets, thats even worse. I think vancouver was a little better as they made a bit more of a show with the raising (mounties marching etc), vancouver was also a Venue standard vertical hand as there was a roof. I still think a natural flagpole with rope and soldier raising and artificial wind machine to avoid limpness would have been the best alternative.
  2. The way the IOC has resisted advertising in venues is great, its why we can have the amazing look programs we do, i really do hope this never ever changes. It will be a sad day if it ever does. That said it is a bit scary, on some telecasts of the sochi olympic park you can see the Bolshoi Venue's roof leds scrolling through the logos of the international olympic partners. I wish these led's were showing the sochi look instead, but its a foot in the door that I have not really seen until now.
  3. Ditto....But again I think your criticisms of that look are valid. Back to Sochi 2014 I think another are where the look is applied very well is on glass and transperent surfaces (like the truce wall) and below as posted by paul previously: I don't recall anyone other look doing this as well as sochi.
  4. ......very diplomatic You may see it as diplomatic, but as someone who spent a good deal of time in Vancouver in the lead up and during the vancouver, the look did really suit and embody the spirit of the host city and BC as a whole. It was young fresh and reflected the the forest and sea outdoor focused life most vancouverites say they live by. I agree there might have been some design problems but i think Rols was on the mark and I think it will be hard to find any person from vancouver who did not think the look evoked the spirit of their city and province. I agree this sounds very exciting to think about.
  5. I agree the coverage has been decent on Channel 10/One - I wsh the streaming was HD ( I still think 'watch what you want foxtel' in 2012 was the closest we ever got to Canadian/BBC level olympic broadcasting - that was the best one off $50 bucks i ever spent) The web streaming component for sochi on ten has been disappointing in comparison. As I've said before, the Canadian CBC coverage online on demand has been fantastic for sochi (better than the host coverage of CTV in Vancouver). But then again, the winter olympics are the prime olympics in canada and more popular than summer games. I am hoping the games go back to seven ideally or at least stay with ten, I do not want eddie mguire to ever touch anything olympic related ever ever again...... I can see why people find the copyright annoying, but i have a strange nostalgia for it as it is the only event that has anything like it. I remember it from Sydney 2000 days and always feel like the olympics are starting when i see that 'this broadcast......" But then I am crazy
  6. I agree in retrospect it was a little monotonous, Vancouver perhaps could have done other related colours in the 2nd and third teirs of venues. However that being said in the context of 2010 and not 2014, the only real example of multiple full venue colour schemes was torino with the blue green theme and the red orange theme. All the other looks had a common dominant colour (atlanta, salt lake, sydney) or set of colours (Bejing and Athens). Some looks did experiment with different colours in the higher tiers and banners (sydney as one example). So I think Vancouver's rich detail and graphics in their look was quite groundbreaking at the time (and still is as it is the only look that did not only rely on patterns but shilleoettes aswell). If it does look monotonous it is only in the context of the colour olympics of the new decade (London & Sochi). The thing that did really bug me about the vancouver look was using the two line 'Vancouver 2010' wordmark on the venue overlay, i think the one line wordmark always looks better. As an aside have we seen any led overlay for sochi yet, say in the hockey venue, that was always fun in Vancouver and London? PS Sorry for quoting the pictures from paul's post, I did not mean to.
  7. I see what you and runningrings are saying about the enduring image of a normal lighting, it is noble and honest. Personally, I don't mind elaborate, as long as it is a legitimate lighting without auto ignition, ie Sydney, Athens (and tolerate the appearance as given in Beijing & London.) The others are problematic for me also.
  8. There is no conclusive evidence that I am aware of regarding the lighting. I could be wrong, but from what i remember, if you watch the footage once the community cauldron is lit, the diagonal jets appear to start themselves on auto ignition - the first one does not appear to touch or be ignited by the community cauldron. When one thinks about it an open gas jet spray in the direction of the community cauldron might have been dangerous for the lighters. In any case it is a theatrical moment, and although a part of me doesn't like it puristically its hard to ignore, that for most people they don't really care. Even looking at Vancouver, not as obviously as Turin, there was probably auto ignition used to light each of the five main burners, it is unlikely that the fire lit on each pole lit those four lower burners as it would have to go inside to the pylon on out on the top and in case the central burner of the 5 would have to be auto ignited. London's cauldron may have used open gas to light beyond the the 8 petals lit by the young athletes, but there was quite a bit of distance between the petals when they were in the down position, so i dont know how dangerous that would have been, i would suspect it was auto ignited. Ultimately these things are symbolic and theatrical, I am happy if they are at least are plausibly lit in a way that looks like it was ignited (ie not like Turin), but I agree it seems a shame after such a long journey. With your question re space torch. I am not sure either as I could not find anything in regard to it being used. However, as a guide, I know the sydney 2000 torch that flew on the space shuttle had no internal burner components and was an empty shell to save as much weight as possible. *** the first flame jet in this video seems to be going away from the community cauldron
  9. Fair enough, I was only quoting your comment to continue the conversation, I wasn't attacking your opinion, not sure why such a defensive response. I also like Turin's Piazza look and sochi's vyshevenya/embroidery look.
  10. Euro subtle Sochi Kiss and Cry looks great in press center with Bach (this in particular shows the maturity in the sochi look and restraint in application)
  11. True point, though the euro 2012 embroidery pattern was more Ukrainian and Polish. Sochi does a good job of using alot of distinctly russian patterns (there are one or two in there that are commonly in Ukraine, Poland & Belarus). But its a good observation Rob and I think Sochi's look pattern reminds me of the euro2012 look when it is subtly applied - ie light blue on blue background - like on the back of the victory ceremony stage or white on blue background like the kiss and cry. Sochi has the best of both, looks great in in full colour and even better in subtle pattern washes
  12. I really disagree, I think the Vancouver 2010 look was really quite innovative, it wasn't loud, but neither are canadians.
  13. Sadly I feel the same, and I loved them so much in the past, maybe that sense of humour is now a bit outdated too? I am not sure, they seem a little more stereotyping than before.
  14. Fair call on the speedskating vancouver photo i stand corrected. Its probably just more prominent for me because the look is applied in a less busy manner (not a criticism per se of vancouver, i really like both looks). I wonder if this trend of venue colour themes by london and sochi will be a permanent addition to look programmes. I love it so far. (except maybe the sochi orange/red theme)
  15. I completely wholehartedly agree......... (but reserve the right to overanalyse also )
  16. I think the look is great overall, but just like i feel the sliding course is really cheaply built, I think the look is very cheaply printed and applied in sections. eg I don't ever remember such pronounced gap linees between branding strips like you see on the inner rim of the figureskating and speedskating venues. they even look like the edges are curling up... It is a shame because the look is great.
  17. I agree rols about the lack of excitement, though I get a bit more excitement from the canadian CBC broadcast than the network ten broadcast. I still don't understand how london can be hd streamed by foxtel and ten streaming is like youtube 7 years ago. If you have a VPN check out the CBC coverage, the streams are great, the commentary informative and the streams, crystal clear.
  18. Brekkie Boy I completely agree, I expected that the podium for the victory ceremonies was going to just in front of the cauldron and having the LED lighting and fountain peaking in the countries colours as the anthem is being played. Worst still is the robotic flagpoles with the ugly crossbars. It makes what should be a special moment seem like dime a dozen which is a shame. Then having the military officers do nothing just amplify's it. I understand that they hang flags vertically on rigging in indoor venues, but this horizontal version looks horrible.. should have had normal ropes and flag raising on a normal flagpole and put some wind generators to make it fly like in the OC... Olympian don't worry, you are not missing anything. The victory ceremony score is pretty disappointing compared to past games. It sounds patchy, very loud for the medal then dramatically soft again and looped for the next medal.
  19. Still letting the OC mull over before a final judgement. I did feel sorry for the russian military being snubbed on raising the flags and i thought there would be more communist style pomp and circumstance and build up to the anthem. Walking the russian flag into the stadium was missing, which was a shame and the entrance of the cosmonauts was awkward and sloppy. (perhaps this sort of precision/format was consciously avoided to not seem too militaristic). I suppose the anthem searchlights were quite military rally (I liked the flag with led jackets too), but i felt the first half of the OC was a bit disjointed, the music was a bit stop/start and didn't have the fanfare/formal flow of vancouver. The fanfare for the entrance of the Canadian GG was much more impressive than putins and muscially flowed better into the anthem. As an aside I still think Athens' Firework/Anthem bars musical interlude as anthem finale was so awesome - i would be happy if it were repeated at each OC. This ceremony leaves a funny situation where the Vancouver OC had a more polished nationalism and pomp and circumstance than a russian OC. That said, IMO Atkins is probably the master of making the official formal ceremony parts feel impressive and tying their flow together. I thought the second part of the OC (parade of athletes onward was much more cohesive musically and flow wise). They had such a wealth of great classical music to choose from and it was also bold and awesome to mix russian composer legends with tatu.... I imagine there must be some old bearded moscow conductor who was very unhappy when the DJ walked in and messed with Tchaikovsky, but good on them. It was a great ceremony overall, with some great original ideas.... but in some parts it was very derivative of the sydney OC. Not only the girl dream and theatrical flying but the cogs of industry with gymnasts and giant mechanical horse in the soviet section was almost a direct copy of the tin symphony section of the sydney OC, complete with Gymnasts on cogs and a giant mechanical dragon. I am surprised they did something so similar, maybe it shows how short the global audience memory is outside circles like gamesbids. The onion dome, star/sport and ballet/projection sections were awesome though.
  20. I too thought the cauldron lighting was a bit anti-climatic after the cool stars/sports segment. It is also the first time I ever remember the community cauldron being used to light the main cauldron. (makes me wonder if there was another plan that had to be scrapped, ie the the current lighting was a plan b.) Even then a little more effort could have been made to make the the gas jets look like they actually took the 'olympic flame' from the community cauldron to the cauldron rather than an obvious auto-ignition ala torino. I also expected the cauldron plaza to be absolutely packed with people, its seemed, like others have said, more like an empty carpark. I am not sure if vancouver's solution of the indoor cauldron was ideal either, but contrary to what has been said a few forum pages ago, I am pretty certain the IOC mandates that the cauldron lighting must be lit in view of those attending the opening ceremony, not that it must be viewable externally (hence london). So if anything, there must have been special dispensation this time to not have the lighting in the stadium. Realisitcally it may have not made sense to have two cauldron's in sochi as the interior and exterior cauldrons would have been so close to each other. In Vancouver, due to the distance between them, an no clustered olympic park, it probably made more sense. Interestingly there was a CBC interview with John Furlong (fmr VANOC Head) - he seemed to suggest the original plan was not a pick up truck but a hot air balooon basket carrier by a helicopter. <- not sure how I feel about this either, but interesting. Unfortunately, with the venue complications in Rio will only mean things are going to get even messier for cauldron purists.
  21. Scale of salt lake compared to the stadium teir it was sitting on was much better in scale than sydney's (on such a huge 10,000 - 15,000 person stand)
  22. I agree on Beijing's being huge as was vancouver's comparatively to many others. It is interesting how much bigger salt lakes looked compared to sydney's but in real life with was not that much taller (with sydney on mast). Sadly sydney's was much taller on the mast than it is as a fountain, as can be seen below(The best digital photo I have ever found of it): Because of its position on top of such a high spectator stand, Aside from beijing, sydney's was probably one of the highest cauldrons in its games position, it looked good from inside the stadium looking up the stand, but looked a bit lost from outside the stadium(Torino's I also think looked good from the inside but a bit weird on the outside. Athens, Beijng and Barcelona were probably aesthetically the best at this....
  23. I agree and they also provide an oppportunity for people to get involved who missed out or did not have the experience required to be involved in production, logistic and management roles. Using them as a stepping stone to the main event.
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