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  1. Somehow irreverent to the ceremony conservatives like me, but strangely, pleasantly understated and beautiful. Projections are here to stay and they are a love hate for me. As mentioned quite short before parade, but probably more to come. The environmental aspect is nice, esp the tree for each nation. I moss the formal elements around rings, fanfare and anthem, it seems the stage, projection and lighting scheme share a lot with D Atkins Vancouver Ceremony, and that's not a bad thing. I've missed you all. I am apprehensive about kinetic cauldrons. Enjoy the rest of the show
  2. As a note i think the timing is not perfect as I think the fireworks were meant to finished after the cauldron was in it's final position. I Which would give footage at the finale of the music ie first music finale the cauldron finishes rising second finale is end of fireworks above it. (Redux 2 doesnt really work as the cutting has to be heavily edited to get the timing righ.t)
  3. Hi All, A bit unrelated to the upcoming closing ceremony but relevant to the conversation a few pages ago about the sydney 'glitch'. I have recut the Sydney lighting without the glitch as an attempt to understand the how it may have looked. There are two versions, but both show the 'be careful what you wish for' mantra, it may not work perfectly after all. Anyway interesting all the same. I hope you all enjoy the last hours of sochi. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fexvnluyNuU
  4. I really don't think it looked that bad, lobsided sure,but each to their own. Combined with the clever camera angles and the OC set/stages in BC place, I think still the indor caudlron still made made for an impressive and nice image at the end of the ceremony broadcast. I Agree that in still photos it was not the best.
  5. thats coo nzl, i got what you meant, agree to disagree but all friendly I promise...
  6. I am assuming the above is directed at me out of the your multi quote commentary. In regard to the photos, we are going to have to agree to disagree, because if I showed anyone i know who is not obsessed with the olympics like me, the two above photos, I know which one they would see the problem in first, the rings. And if you have not seen anything or know anything about either photo as you suggest then the same delayed theory works for both. ie you could assume the four leg is just delayed. Like I said before from a broadcast perspective the vancouver glitch was very obvious, just as the rings segment being the opening climax and the musical climax was very obvious. But as an internet wildfire, now with even tshirts you can buy, makes the rings a much more iconic glitch, one easily understood by all. In any case this is silly and any comparison to other glitches does not prove/disprove that fun could or could not be made of it in the closing ceremony. I still would like to see it happen, (it probably wont) and like someone else said, they do not have to use a rubber chicken either. ^ I have to disagree, Vancouver was not the first closing ceremony to have a skit, sydney's cc had a staged skit aswell. Whilst I agree with your thought it would be good to have something uniquely russian, there are things that are good to see in closing ceremony's that you may see as unpassable as they are too close to to other CC's, for me, these common threads are things that make the tradition and pagentry of Olympic Ceremonies truly special. I think the ceremonies would be lesser without them and the interest is to see how the host country will interpret these traditions and ceremony framework, including things such as the countdown, the releasing of the doves (done brilliantly in Sochi as ballet - distinctly russian) and the rings segment. Also I am unsure why you would 'Rage' if they did russian music across the generation> As a good majority of Closing Ceremonies showcase their musical talent in a live concert Party for the atheletes. London was not unique in this regard, but just happened to be probably the most entertaining version due to the breadth of British Musical Talent.
  7. What the???????? I will leave any response for morning
  8. Sorry if it is a bit off topic for this thread, but for anyone who is interested, there are few interesting things in the powerhouse museums digital sydney 2000 collection including some draft torch designs and the torch that was modified for spaceflight on the shuttle. http://www.powerhousemuseum.com/collection/database/collection=Sydney_2000_Olympic_and_Paralympic_Games My last post for a while, to clarify it appears that the design above may have only been a design for the community cauldron not stadium cauldron, though, I did see information proposing this for the stadium somewhere out there.
  9. Rols its part of the Powerhouse museum collection http://www.powerhousemuseum.com/collection/database/?irn=502594 It is referenced to be created by bang design, but I understand each submission for the cauldron was mentored by birch, interestingly we know that birch's required waterproofing of the north stand for the chosen cauldron design was part of the early designs for stadium australia, so I dont know if these other cauldron designs really had a chance if they were produced in 1998 (the stadium was finished in 1999). Its not a bad design but probably would have had to sit lower in the stands on permanent stage with pool, a bit like rio2007 and same games time position as the london cauldron. For this reason I am happy they went for something that would be visible outside the stadium.
  10. I actually think birch kind of modified this idea for torino, albiet perhaps more elegantly:
  11. I would probably have to agree runningrings, but interestingly in a recent CBC interview with John Furlong it seems that the ice sculpture coming from the floor was actually what david atkins used to sell his services to VANOC. I think it was a bit odd, though i did not mind the main cauldron and its campfire look. We have to remember that they had the issue of being the first indoor cauldron in a highly volatile positive pressure stadium, they needed something that worked well from the centre stage and more conventional cauldron may have looked odd. London I think did a more aesthetically attractive central cauldron though. I wonder if this original design for sydney 2000 david worked with ric birch on was inspiration for this:
  12. I agree the pole was annoying on the stadium cauldron, and doubling back slightly in defence of baron, if this picture went around in canada, everyone would know it was refering to the missing leg, but again it is not as universal as the sochi rings
  13. Baron, I would Like to think I am usually very measured in my posts, even if they are full of typos lately. Please re-read my post, I never said it was not obvious on the broadcast, I even said that the glitch in vancouver was more obvious compared to sydney because there were four lighters and three legs: While vancouver glitch was more obvious than the sydney lighting because there were clearly four lighters, more obvious delay/music looping and only three legs to light No one is suggesting that anyone who watched the ceremony did not notice the probelm, especially with gretsky's horrible poker face in comparison to cathy freeman's. I simply said that because it was not known what the cauldron should look like, seeing a photo of the three legged cauldron does not show an obvious problem in the same way a photo of 4 rings open on the most famous symbol in the world shows. I even qualified the glitch was probably worse in vancouver than sochi, but this error has more reach beyond those who watch ceremonies, as it can be immediately obvious that there was a massive problem. Clearly Vancouver is very obvious if you watch the footage, but not in the same prolific and symbolic way the sochi glitch is. For the record, I am not sochi bashing either, I have said before and again now that the sochi OC was very very well executed. I actually think the snow flake to ring is the most impressive rings since athens, it just didn't work. The olympic rings are the olympic rings anyone and everyone know when they are wrong. On athens, if one ring failed to light on the pool of water, or one ring failed to be forged in london there would be just as much glitch fallout as sochi.....
  14. Also baron, I really disagree with you. While vancouver glitch was more obvious than the sydney lighting because there were clearly four lighters, more obvious delay/music looping and only three legs to light, it was less impacting as a glitch because no one really knew what the cauldron was supposed to look like, it was not making a known shape or symbol, it just looked lobsided from certain camera angles and then we saw the main cauldron of how it was supposed to look. In Vancouver, the closing ceremony rounded out the honour for the fourth lighter very nicely and was in great taste. The sochi glitch while minor, was a glitch on the most recognised logo/symbol in world. Everyone and anyone knew it was wrong and it can be sent viral in images and animation and the error is clear. I could send as many photos of the three legged cauldron as I like, and people would just say, 'olympic cauldron' ok - some might pick it, others won't. The only way a cauldron glitch would be as universally obvious would be if a cauldron didn't light at all or went out. I say universally obvious though, I don't if it is the worst glitch, that could be vacouver.. but this snowflake unfortunately IMHO is the most obvious glitch. meant to read: 'it was less impacting as a glitch than the sochi rings because".....
  15. I agree torchbearer it was not the same sort of glitch as vancouver, it was not really as significant a failure and they don't need to glorify the glitch by changing all the snowflakes into rings (sydney had the aforementioned similar issue in the firework eternity sequence - that did work correctly in the dress rehearsal as well like sochi). This is why I think it would be funnier and in lighthearted tradition of great CC's for them to have all five snowflakes but this time only have the one that glitched open, i think it come across to all as deliberate and would help diffuse the overreaction twitter storm of the glitch. Maybe even putin kicking some box on the stadium floor, getting frustrated and walking off. Okay that may never happen, but if I was ceremonies director, I would do it.
  16. Fair enough, I still wish they never separated the mast from the saucer when they made the cauldron fountain, but I guess there was alot of temporary gas hardware to remove and that main burner, while having that elegant tall frame would be alot less efficient to relight on occasional events.
  17. But they really made up for it at the beginning of the closing ceremony. On that point, I would love if sochi repeated the rings segment in their closing, but inverting the issue, ie the one that didn't open opens and the other four stay closed. It would be a good way to convince the world that russia can be 'fun'
  18. Its an interesting observation you have about the ending where the cauldron mast lifting the saucer, is as you say far behind sync. No doubt what you are saying is very likely correct and I have no knowledge to dispute it, ironically I think the moment after the music finishes as the cauldron continues to rise over the stadium as the music fades out along with announcement of the concluding ceremony stands as on of my (bias) most enduring favourite moments of any olympic ceremony. (Similar to the athens shot of the cauldron rising above the stadium at the end of that ceremony - which for some reason NBC did not think was worthy of their edit). I often wonder and have wanted to recut the sydney lighting sequence with the correct "Te Deum" music, but I have a feeling that the 2nd stage of travel up the stand was accelerated/faster on the real night than planned. Universal, can you confirm/deny this? Ultimately I think the finish with announcers could not be more perfect, even though I concede when you think about it logically, the music may have simply ran out. Perhaps it was ric birch's experience and creative sensibility that made make this call on the fly, but either way it was an epic save. I also recall someone close to the ceremony explaining there was some concern at the overall gas left in the cauldron saucer was eating into the contigency reserve after becoming stuck, which may have been a reason for an accelerated ascent. Not sure if anyone knows any more on this.
  19. I think there would be very few people on this forum that don't know that the sydney cauldron jammed.....if at all....
  20. I see what you and runningrings are saying about the enduring image of a normal lighting, it is noble and honest. Personally, I don't mind elaborate, as long as it is a legitimate lighting without auto ignition, ie Sydney, Athens (and tolerate the appearance as given in Beijing & London.) The others are problematic for me also.
  21. There is no conclusive evidence that I am aware of regarding the lighting. I could be wrong, but from what i remember, if you watch the footage once the community cauldron is lit, the diagonal jets appear to start themselves on auto ignition - the first one does not appear to touch or be ignited by the community cauldron. When one thinks about it an open gas jet spray in the direction of the community cauldron might have been dangerous for the lighters. In any case it is a theatrical moment, and although a part of me doesn't like it puristically its hard to ignore, that for most people they don't really care. Even looking at Vancouver, not as obviously as Turin, there was probably auto ignition used to light each of the five main burners, it is unlikely that the fire lit on each pole lit those four lower burners as it would have to go inside to the pylon on out on the top and in case the central burner of the 5 would have to be auto ignited. London's cauldron may have used open gas to light beyond the the 8 petals lit by the young athletes, but there was quite a bit of distance between the petals when they were in the down position, so i dont know how dangerous that would have been, i would suspect it was auto ignited. Ultimately these things are symbolic and theatrical, I am happy if they are at least are plausibly lit in a way that looks like it was ignited (ie not like Turin), but I agree it seems a shame after such a long journey. With your question re space torch. I am not sure either as I could not find anything in regard to it being used. However, as a guide, I know the sydney 2000 torch that flew on the space shuttle had no internal burner components and was an empty shell to save as much weight as possible. *** the first flame jet in this video seems to be going away from the community cauldron
  22. I completely wholehartedly agree......... (but reserve the right to overanalyse also )
  23. Still letting the OC mull over before a final judgement. I did feel sorry for the russian military being snubbed on raising the flags and i thought there would be more communist style pomp and circumstance and build up to the anthem. Walking the russian flag into the stadium was missing, which was a shame and the entrance of the cosmonauts was awkward and sloppy. (perhaps this sort of precision/format was consciously avoided to not seem too militaristic). I suppose the anthem searchlights were quite military rally (I liked the flag with led jackets too), but i felt the first half of the OC was a bit disjointed, the music was a bit stop/start and didn't have the fanfare/formal flow of vancouver. The fanfare for the entrance of the Canadian GG was much more impressive than putins and muscially flowed better into the anthem. As an aside I still think Athens' Firework/Anthem bars musical interlude as anthem finale was so awesome - i would be happy if it were repeated at each OC. This ceremony leaves a funny situation where the Vancouver OC had a more polished nationalism and pomp and circumstance than a russian OC. That said, IMO Atkins is probably the master of making the official formal ceremony parts feel impressive and tying their flow together. I thought the second part of the OC (parade of athletes onward was much more cohesive musically and flow wise). They had such a wealth of great classical music to choose from and it was also bold and awesome to mix russian composer legends with tatu.... I imagine there must be some old bearded moscow conductor who was very unhappy when the DJ walked in and messed with Tchaikovsky, but good on them. It was a great ceremony overall, with some great original ideas.... but in some parts it was very derivative of the sydney OC. Not only the girl dream and theatrical flying but the cogs of industry with gymnasts and giant mechanical horse in the soviet section was almost a direct copy of the tin symphony section of the sydney OC, complete with Gymnasts on cogs and a giant mechanical dragon. I am surprised they did something so similar, maybe it shows how short the global audience memory is outside circles like gamesbids. The onion dome, star/sport and ballet/projection sections were awesome though.
  24. I too thought the cauldron lighting was a bit anti-climatic after the cool stars/sports segment. It is also the first time I ever remember the community cauldron being used to light the main cauldron. (makes me wonder if there was another plan that had to be scrapped, ie the the current lighting was a plan b.) Even then a little more effort could have been made to make the the gas jets look like they actually took the 'olympic flame' from the community cauldron to the cauldron rather than an obvious auto-ignition ala torino. I also expected the cauldron plaza to be absolutely packed with people, its seemed, like others have said, more like an empty carpark. I am not sure if vancouver's solution of the indoor cauldron was ideal either, but contrary to what has been said a few forum pages ago, I am pretty certain the IOC mandates that the cauldron lighting must be lit in view of those attending the opening ceremony, not that it must be viewable externally (hence london). So if anything, there must have been special dispensation this time to not have the lighting in the stadium. Realisitcally it may have not made sense to have two cauldron's in sochi as the interior and exterior cauldrons would have been so close to each other. In Vancouver, due to the distance between them, an no clustered olympic park, it probably made more sense. Interestingly there was a CBC interview with John Furlong (fmr VANOC Head) - he seemed to suggest the original plan was not a pick up truck but a hot air balooon basket carrier by a helicopter. <- not sure how I feel about this either, but interesting. Unfortunately, with the venue complications in Rio will only mean things are going to get even messier for cauldron purists.
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