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  1. Somehow irreverent to the ceremony conservatives like me, but strangely, pleasantly understated and beautiful. Projections are here to stay and they are a love hate for me. As mentioned quite short before parade, but probably more to come. The environmental aspect is nice, esp the tree for each nation. I moss the formal elements around rings, fanfare and anthem, it seems the stage, projection and lighting scheme share a lot with D Atkins Vancouver Ceremony, and that's not a bad thing. I've missed you all. I am apprehensive about kinetic cauldrons. Enjoy the re
  2. As a note i think the timing is not perfect as I think the fireworks were meant to finished after the cauldron was in it's final position. I Which would give footage at the finale of the music ie first music finale the cauldron finishes rising second finale is end of fireworks above it. (Redux 2 doesnt really work as the cutting has to be heavily edited to get the timing righ.t)
  3. Hi All, A bit unrelated to the upcoming closing ceremony but relevant to the conversation a few pages ago about the sydney 'glitch'. I have recut the Sydney lighting without the glitch as an attempt to understand the how it may have looked. There are two versions, but both show the 'be careful what you wish for' mantra, it may not work perfectly after all. Anyway interesting all the same. I hope you all enjoy the last hours of sochi. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fexvnluyNuU
  4. On Demand viewing would be algorithm or time controlled ad breaks, that why it would interrupt the stream at strange times, i guess NBC may be a bit more attentive to this. Comparing Australian vs CBC coverage the commentary is definately more informative on CBC for most winter sports and the hockey coverage as an extension of Hockey Night in Canada is unmatched by any other broadcaster. I have not seen any NBC coverage these games but there has been alot left to be desired at previous games. great to hear NBC getting better, but watching Ten Australia/CBC this year has shown how much standar
  5. London's Cauldron was aesthetically beautiful I agree, but it is a stretch to say a cauldron that could not be seen for the first week of the olympics and had to be relit by a cherry picker is 'functionally beautiful'.
  6. I really don't think it looked that bad, lobsided sure,but each to their own. Combined with the clever camera angles and the OC set/stages in BC place, I think still the indor caudlron still made made for an impressive and nice image at the end of the ceremony broadcast. I Agree that in still photos it was not the best.
  7. thats coo nzl, i got what you meant, agree to disagree but all friendly I promise...
  8. It looks really good, and the crowds look much much better.
  9. I am assuming the above is directed at me out of the your multi quote commentary. In regard to the photos, we are going to have to agree to disagree, because if I showed anyone i know who is not obsessed with the olympics like me, the two above photos, I know which one they would see the problem in first, the rings. And if you have not seen anything or know anything about either photo as you suggest then the same delayed theory works for both. ie you could assume the four leg is just delayed. Like I said before from a broadcast perspective the vancouver glitch was very obvious, just as the
  10. What the???????? I will leave any response for morning
  11. Sorry if it is a bit off topic for this thread, but for anyone who is interested, there are few interesting things in the powerhouse museums digital sydney 2000 collection including some draft torch designs and the torch that was modified for spaceflight on the shuttle. http://www.powerhousemuseum.com/collection/database/collection=Sydney_2000_Olympic_and_Paralympic_Games My last post for a while, to clarify it appears that the design above may have only been a design for the community cauldron not stadium cauldron, though, I did see information proposing this for the stadium somewhere out
  12. Rols its part of the Powerhouse museum collection http://www.powerhousemuseum.com/collection/database/?irn=502594 It is referenced to be created by bang design, but I understand each submission for the cauldron was mentored by birch, interestingly we know that birch's required waterproofing of the north stand for the chosen cauldron design was part of the early designs for stadium australia, so I dont know if these other cauldron designs really had a chance if they were produced in 1998 (the stadium was finished in 1999). Its not a bad design but probably would have had to sit lower in the
  13. I actually think birch kind of modified this idea for torino, albiet perhaps more elegantly:
  14. I would probably have to agree runningrings, but interestingly in a recent CBC interview with John Furlong it seems that the ice sculpture coming from the floor was actually what david atkins used to sell his services to VANOC. I think it was a bit odd, though i did not mind the main cauldron and its campfire look. We have to remember that they had the issue of being the first indoor cauldron in a highly volatile positive pressure stadium, they needed something that worked well from the centre stage and more conventional cauldron may have looked odd. London I think did a more aesthetically at
  15. I agree the pole was annoying on the stadium cauldron, and doubling back slightly in defence of baron, if this picture went around in canada, everyone would know it was refering to the missing leg, but again it is not as universal as the sochi rings
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