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  1. Concerning the Cauldron Design I am a Designer myself, mainly in the field of Graphic design, Arts and Fashion - (i do teach at a renowned Art and Design School in Belgium) I think that the Sochi Cauldron makes a good effect from far, but have to agree that the close ups and the disney like fountain show + neon lights look very very bad taste! All in all - we came a far way from the Garmish-Partenkirchen 1936 industrial tank like cauldron - up to this newest spacecraft version! My own personal fav. are still both of the 1992 Summer and Winter cauldrons; i do remember that in Albertville there were several ones, one on each competition site - Athens - perfectly well integrated in that Calatrava roof London - all about the gesture, the ligntning, the symbolic level of what it all stands for Lillehammer - not so much about the cauldron > more about the torch!!! Nagano - what an ugly mess that was... i do hope they get the 1964 one out for 2020! Salt-Lake - no comment! Sydney - no comment! star trek meets technical problems during the show... Torino - the stadium didn't match with the nice cauldron shape! Vancouver - no comment (disney-galore) + technical problems during the show... and then all the older ones; Munich, Montreal, Mockba, Lake Placid, Sarajevo, Calgary, Seoul (poor doves) etc etc - Well the simplicity of the Munich Cauldron still stands out by far... Don't forget a could cauldron = the spot it stands on + the stairs that lead up to it + the lighting method but again - as the french say: "Les goƻts et les couleurs ne se discutent pas" - there is no accounting for taste - image upload no compression Garmisch Partenkirchen 1936 how to do a screen shot Munich 1972 screen shot pc The Lillehammer Torch capture screen Grenoble 1968 how to print screen on pc Albertville 1992 ** a GOOD not a 'could' cauldron ) cheers
  2. Concerning the sochi ligtning method WE all saw on Instagram - i think (not sure though) that the flame will kind of travel around the stadium roof, and not on the direct way out of this shad (?) = lets call it the 'torino-method' - because on one side of the roof i could see the same black gas-things as on the cauldron.... its all on instagram... but again = just a thought! One Week To Go! free upload
  3. MUNICH 1972 > http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Olympiapark,_Munich BARCELONA 1992 > http://www.barcelonaturisme.com/Anella-Olimpica-de-Montjuic/_3Ngb8YjSpL3U56ScBHOWcxpDev_Vr2xeBXI9hWLv1EZ01oNLGvXYd2_EycLxoryS
  4. hi everyone - so i checked on instagram and if you search for #fisht or #sochi2014 or you look up the location 'olympic parc' in sochi you will find plenty of pictures by cast members from the daily rehearsals - no big spoilers yet... but they didn't seem to not allow smartphones yet...
  5. they brought the torch into space - so they might claim the space / moon - as much as they claim the artic circle (option lolz
  6. I am pretty sure that's what the Ring No.6 stands for > obviously not a new idea as you can see on the picture below - some theor. project that was out on the net a few years ago > google = lunar olympics!!! http://imageshack.com/a/img27/8988/fu7v.jpg
  7. OK - you're right > time for me to go to bed i guess --- good night
  8. the purple thing is a massive 'sign' / orientation / help / for visitors in the olympic park
  9. >>>> it's growing / and it's growing fast >>>>
  10. the blue strucgture is exactly at the same spot / size / as the black fenced area i was wondering about > is there something growing?? at the north of the stadium >exactly at the spot we saw yesterday 'fenced' off on someone's flickr account - - -
  11. > the one in the middle + the one on the right = original (1976 - - 1964)
  12. cheers to you londonbound for that flickr link - we can't really see the 'famous' white plate - but on the same pic you crobbed i noticed this fenced off area just next to the stadium > what is going on there?
  13. hi there! i surrounded it by the white outline - to make it stand out more and yes i am kind of german - unfortunately i don't find the link back to the ssc blog ... should be in the stadium-posts - cheers'
  14. NO - that square is lower then the actual stadium plaza - but the cauldron will be high - pre assembled elswehre - and put in place at last minute (with enough time to check if it all works fine) and: perfect 'photo-spot' for anyone in the olympic park= you'll get the stadium / the golden meadows / the flame / the waterways > all on one pic -
  15. also: i think: they didn't really move their original plans for the placement of the cauldron that much - they just moved it a bit lower - perhaps easier to block and yet still in good view not only of the spectators but for the whole of the park (a save yet elegant way > not like the vancouver building site fences around the cauldron ) cheers' everyone looking forwrad to your thoughts!
  16. hi everyone - reading this discussion for a while - came to my own personal conclusion, i'd like to share: so after looking at 'new' pics on skyscrapercity i had a closer look on that famous plate outside the main stadium - and thought to myself > why is there still temporary (building-site) fencing around that area > and what the hack are they doing under that huge foot-bridge (coloured area) ???
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