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  1. OK i just googled more about the Robot - they allready used it during the torch relay #falsealarm
  2. So i just saw this on 'Auslandsjournal' on German Television ZDF - - they talk about a roboter being involved somehow carrying the flame during the O.C. - - - starts at 22:35 and dates from January 10. 2018 https://www.zdf.de/politik/auslandsjournal/spiele-im-schatten-der-bombe---suedkorea-vor-olympia-vom-10-januar-2018-100.html
  3. i love the new pics - they also show clearly what that mysterious slope is meant for : easy access for the athletes to their seats - as there is clearly no fence between slope and seats
  4. on the bottom left corner one can clearly see a ramp leading to the round stage - no doubt - the athletes march in from that side!
  5. I think there won't be another slope on that side - why would they have covered up the sides if they would intend to build a second slope - - - we'll find out soon, as rehearsals start in december
  6. hereby some of the facts / mixed with some thoughts =
  7. https://imgur.com/hDAeOo5 I am pretty sure that there won't be a sloped stage everywhere around, as they seem to have covered up some bits along the side - also the round finishes for the 'cauldron' ramp suggest the same
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