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  1. BBC's James Pearce confirms Cauldron will be moved to the current location of the bell. He speculates this may be unpopular, as it will not be visible in the park and will essentially be behind closed doors for the first week.
  2. BBC World are live in their studio overlooking the stadium. Lots of lights but nothing significant yet.
  3. Definitely something going on. All sorts of lights flowing from the stadium.
  4. I think you're looking at the wrong thing! We are looking at the flame that appears 8 seconds in directing in the middle of the stadium itself.
  5. It couldn't possibly be right in the centre of the stadium throughout the whole games could it, suspended high in the air?
  6. In order to access the Orbit you need a ticket for an Olympic event in the park on that day, plus an extra Orbit ticket (£14), so not really freeloaders!
  7. Isn't the river for the closing ceremony? Which had to be rehearsed pre-games too obviously. I'm sure I read that's what the closing ceremony is based around.
  8. I also still like the idea of it being at the top of the Orbit - to me the Orbit would really make sense as part of the Olympic Park if that were the case and it would secure its legacy moving forward. But Heatherwick designing the cauldron makes me think it sadly won't happen - I don't think they would stick his cauldron on top of the Orbit. I think it would be a really nice way to light the flame as well, take it around the stadium - then back out again with all the viewers wondering where its going, then see it cross over to the Orbit and run up the spiral staircase with it, fireworks comi
  9. Another long time lurker here. I have been dipping in and out so I hope I'm not treading over old ground. Could the official game provide an indication of where the cauldron would be? It seems very clear from the introduction to the game. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BTIc3wlqhCM
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