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  1. I suppose my real fear is they'll attempt something too clever and it goes wrong (Barcelona). Or be very boring. The fact I'm actually excited about this when I am much too old to really adds. I'm going to have to stop reading this forum in case it spoils it now!
  2. Speaking from a British point-of-view, I am hoping and to some extent expecting something exciting, unexpected and innovative. These are values which we would like to present to the world .. we have so much heritage and history to draw from when composing a ceremony, yet we really need to show we're still relevant and embrace those sentiments I mentioned. Hence, I am hoping the end of this story is a "nice one UK" and not a disappointed yawn. I'm no patriot particularly, but I rather feel we'll do a pretty good job! At worst, it can't be as bad as the London bus with "modern" dance in the handover segment in Beijing!
  3. I spent a big part of today reading this forum, and it's quite comforting to see that no-one knows (which is how it should be). Being in the "privileged" position of coming in at this late point, it would seem (to me) clear that the London2012 cauldron lighting will be either a) Embarrassingly poor or Amazing. OK, not insightful thinking maybe, but I don't (and hope not) some middle-ground "seen-it-before" stuff. I really now think us UK'ers have a chance to actually look quite good, draw on our heritage, and be "spectacular" without having to spend TOO much. This idea has been rubbished many times here, but I am still convinced the flame will be lit in the stadium and skylined to the "missing bit" of the MittalOrbit,
  4. Don't cry "Kevzz" mate, I think we'll end up doing something cool.
  5. I've been following this thread for a year or so, and am as excited as most as to what will be revealed. As a "Brit" have been concerned for 6 yrs (especialy considering the 'performance' in Beijing CS) I would need to hide away in an "embarrassed corner". Do you know what .. I think we'll do great! Love all the intrigue on the design, placement, lighting mech of the cauldron. I think "we" will do something amazing. As a Brit, it would fit the ideal of the OC to come up with something new, and prove we're not a dusty old country, we still have stuff to offer !?!? x @ all OG fans!
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