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  1. This must be it.

    Are people sure it's the fenced off area? That seemed in line with one of the light towers but this seems off line although it's hard to tell in that picture.

    Also What's the purple thing to the left of it? And how will it not block the entry to sections 249-251?

    Looks like its going to be surrounded by the blue thing until its unveiled so we won't have much info until Friday...

  2. I didn't take this! It's from this person's photostream -- their photostream was mentioned in one of the other threads here or at skyscrapercity: http://www.flickr.com/photos/72987657@N00. But the only photo that was posted was the table tennis venue.

    I would think the green bridge could be blocked off because it is fragile. I guess the area back there where the white plate was is fenced off...so that could be it.

  3. So here is the latest clue: a giant 6388x2821 panorama of the plaza to the north of the stadium taken yesterday, July 19, and posted to Flickr. Aside from a small fenced off area right where the entry to section 250 is, I see no hints. The "double pod" looks like a food stall. I'm totally stumped. But I figured I would post so others could speculate.

    PS the park looks great!


  4. Back to the cauldron location...

    Getty images has some pictures of the area north of the stadium from the last few days. For instance this one dated July 17. There is no sign of any work going on outside the first ring of pods. So I think we can rule out the white square on the edge there that people were so interested in as of last week. I still think near the "double size pod" is the right position.

  5. This photo actually jogged my memory of a Jason Hawkes photo from a few weeks ago -- it's a nice panorama that you can zoom in on: http://www.jasonhawkes.com/blog/360/buildBFianl/virtualtour.html. If you zoom in on the circled area in that picture, you will see a break in the shard pattern right where the circle is that appears to be some construction. By the time this picture was taken, it's hard to see the break unless you zoom in and have it circled (thanks dah05). There also appears to be some construction in the Hawkes photo to the left of the two square pods.

    It seems like the circle is the most likely spot. But the other construction site to the left might indicate a triangular structure or base, much like the light towers in the stadium. The center of the triangle would be in line with the middle of the stadium. And the "double pod" could support wires and motors that would lower the triangle to lean out over the edge of the stadium and then pull it back to upright. Just a thought...

    The only odd thing about these locations is that they would impede some of the traffic coming over those two bridges. But otherwise this seems about right.

  6. I know this is about location, but I think the identity of the lighter could indicate something. Specifically, lots of people expected Bannister but the Daily Mail says its between Daley Thompson and Steve Redgrave http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/olympics/article-2172857/London-2012-Games-Daley-Thompson-Sir-Steve-Redgrave-battle-light-Olympic-flame.html

    Bannister appeared fairly frail a few days ago. The fact that he wasn't an option suggests that some degree of fitness may be required to light the thing -- it is going to be more like Li Ning than Muhammed Ali.

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