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  1. I'm surprised people haven't talked about the paralympic cauldron! I saw in an article about heatherwick that they made 3 sets of petals - one for testing, one for the olympic cauldron, and one for the paralympic cauldron. However, he says that they will be used differently in the paralympic cauldron...
  2. Heatherwick in his interview today said where the Bell was on the South end of the stadium. Not sure how it won't block some peoples' views.
  3. So where will it end up? You'll need a lot of gas pipes for 204 different nozzles.
  4. They have a tarp in the middle ringed by people it's there. They just showed it when they zoomed out
  5. They are putting all the flags up on the Tor. So the tor is out. It has to be the center.
  6. Does anyone know where the kids with the petals are going?
  7. These copper "petals" that each team is carrying look a lot like the tickets...they have to make up the cauldron. Everything's coming together. The cauldron will be assembled with 204 parts from each of the 204 nations in the center of the stadium.
  8. I should add, it is clear what the climactic moment is in the music...but they don't show the actual lighting. But given the camera angles it is clear where it is.
  9. at about 3:20 they announce that the Olympic flame is arriving. "John Smith passes to James Doe..." et cetera. There is a guy on a segway who is the torch as they are clearly practicing following him with the camera angles. He goes to an area covered by a tarp-like thing, there are some sound and visual effects, and then the fireworks start.
  10. Milenium dome is for an experience much like the sydney harbor bridge climb. People will be able to pay to climb the dome. PS if anyone has watched teh leaked dress rehearsal on the NBC website it is clear where the cauldron is.
  11. The NY Times just put up this picture of the inside of the stadium http://yfrog.com/z/nx28o4j You can see the "small cloud" directly above the tor. The location that people seemed to think would have teh cauldron is just to the left out of the screen...hopefully we will get more of these pictures soon!
  12. Interesting video on the official london2012 youtube channel about the Tor construction: Given this, it's hard to see it coming out of the tor.
  13. Where was the "mystery cloud" placed on the stadium roof?
  14. Has to be tor end so it is visible to the rest of the park. Bell end nobody would see it
  15. Problem is based on the map of where the webcam is that is NOT the North side. North should be back left.
  16. It appears to be right in line with the triangular light tower right above the Tor.
  17. They could always lift it most of the way up at the ceremony, then take down the other cable systems that are in the way overnight and winch it further up so it is visible outside after?
  18. Oh this is a tease...thanks. Seems to confirm that it's inside. But do you know where it ends up? And did the "true" final torchbearer practice?
  19. What about a stand in cauldron in the stadium. For instance, they have the river and a small mock-up of the tower bridge appears along with the stadium cauldron. As the fire hits that part of the tower bridge mock-up, a larger cauldron on the bridge is lit. There could be two cauldrons with this method -- one inside the stadium and one outside. It also could be another landmark on the side of the Thames (eg Tower of London).
  20. I like this "Thames" idea. This would allow them time to link cables to it and lift it up. But why the ledge at the North end? I think that's for spotlights. What about having the cables lift it up so it is "floating" in the middle of the stadium at the height of the top of the big triangular lights? Then they could pull it closer to the edge and it would be visible outside the stadium -- at least to people across from the Stadium Island. That would solve everything, except how to get the gas line to a cauldron held up by wires in mid air. I assume they could connect it afterwards somehow. Also how extensively was the Tor used in the rehearsal? Did the tree lift out? That has to be where it enters the stadium...
  21. It goes to city hall from about 2pm until it goes to the stadium. They haven't specified how it gets to the stadium. I believe that the small waterways surrounding the stadium are linked to the Thames because they have advertised being taken all the way up to the gate of the Olympic park via boat. From there it would be easy to get close to the stadium.
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