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  1. Was at the park for the opening this morning. I think the place is fabulous. Loads for kids to do, and amazing world class sporting venues available for public use. I have swimming lessons at the Aquatics Centre and it's very inspiring.
  2. There have been a lot of good bargains in the London 2012 Shop at the Stratford branch of John Lewis lately. Mascots for £1/£2, and massive reductions on lots of items. Got a set of London Skyline glass blocks yesterday for £3 each (think they were about £35 originally). The shop is very depleted now but they say new stuff is arriving all the time (probably clearing stock from all the other branches) so well worth a look if you're in the area.
  3. Came back here to see what had been happening over the last few months only to discover its still just the 'Baron' being rude to everyone. Nothing changes.
  4. Don't worry, conversing with you really doesn't take much time or effort. I've had more taxing encounters with a cheeseburger. Don't worry, conversing with you really doesn't take much time or effort. I've had more taxing encounters with a cheeseburger.
  5. Well, now and then there is some interesting discussion. Present company excepted, of course.
  6. Haha Yeah, and you'll continue to find unimagined holes and pointless flaws in the London opening ceremony for ever, while the rest of the world enjoyed it and moved on with their lives. Have fun with that :-)
  7. No, but just because you create a problem or flaw that doesn't make it a problem or flaw in reality.
  8. Yes, but my point is that this "post-mortem" is by a bunch of Olympic obsessives, while back in the real world no one has a problem! Perhaps everything was actually fine, and you're making something out of nothing!
  9. Well it was acknowledged in the speeches. If it wasn't acknowledged enough other than then it seems everyone survived this terrible oversight!
  10. Why does there have to be acknowledgment of London's Olympic history?! Everyone knows we've hosted it three times. Don't see what everyone is going on about!
  11. No, it was only in the Olympic Stadium that they gave us 3D glasses!
  12. Went up it once during the Olympics and once during the Paralympics. Thought it was great, and the views are amazing. Literally the whole of London, including Docklands, the City, Wembley, Alexandra Palace. Look forward to going up again in a couple of years.
  13. Hadn't watched the 3D broadcast since the night after the ceremony, but just watched some highlights again. The commentary was a lot worse on this version, and there weren't as many camera angles, but it looked amazing. The 3D brings out the scale of the stadium and the huge scale of the Pandemonium section of the ceremony. It looks absolutely immense in 3D, and the moment the sparks shower down from the rings looks spectacular and beautiful in 3D (as it did when I saw it there on the night). Really wish I could save this recording instead of it being stick in my PVR.
  14. Bought the singing/dancing Wenlock in Argos today for £3.99, a big discount on the original price of £39.99! Also, for anyone near a branch of The Entertainer, they have some great deals on mascots of various sizes.
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