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  1. sorry if this has already been covered, i thought that the PM was consulted regarding the size of the budget of the ceremonies, do we specifically know if it was about the lighting method and cauldron?

    That's interesting as the angle of the photo is deceptive, the apex of the waterways looks to be about where the wrap gap is just in the photo.

    . "Sources close to the situation ?". This story sounds too flimsy to be credible. No names, places or dates are mentioned. Anyone could have made this story up. I for one do not accept this 'rumour' which at this stage is nothing more than that - an unsubstantiated rumour (hogwash in other words). The PM does not get involved in Cauldron lighting approvals if it's a standard cauldron lighting within the stadium. Until firm evidence emerges to the contrary, then I believe London is still going for a unique an unconventional Cauldron lighting in a position able to be see by most in the stadium and Olympic Park.

  2. You know, i hadn't even noticed! But you're right that must've been taken a while ago, I just saw a segment on BBC News about the park and that also had no wrap on the stadium. I know it's been delayed for logistical (getting oc props in) and financial reasons but it's a shame as i think it looks so much better with the wrap.

  3. Just looking at the film it seems that many of the cauldron lighting sequences don't actually get lit by the flame of the final torch bearer, instead being lit but some sort of ignition sequence. I suppose this is for contingencys sake.

    London 2012 have done a brilliant job at hiding the cauldron from us! I will certainly have my eyes peeled for it when i get in that stadium on the 27th!

    Here's a great video containing all the caldron lightinings from 1968 to 2010:


    Barcelona, Sidney and Athens are definitely the highlights. Seoul-88's lightning was CREEPY! lol

    I can see London following the steps of Calgary-88.

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