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  1. londonbound, that's an impressive picture - could you share the link please?
  2. I'm 80% certain they're housing the motors that drive the various aerial hoists.
  3. Don't forget that the main creative part of the show, prior to the Parade of Athletes, lasts only an hour or so. Plus the audience will be in the stadium for three hours on the rehearsal nights...
  4. I think the Ceremonies team will succeed in keeping the cauldron lighting a secret until the Ceremony itself, as the dress rehearsals will be run in 'real time' i.e. the lighting at midnight... but the audience will be kicked out at 10.30 to make sure they can get home on public transport. (It's a pain the backside for the remaining cast who will be in the stadium until after public transport ends.) So keep on guessing, it'll be a surprise to almost everyone!
  5. I can't multi-quote from the iPad so I'll have to recap answers to the above: ) - yes, the big white building is a ceremonies dress and staging space (and any stuff you see around it is for ceremonies or OBS - the long white tube is a covered walkway from the 400m warmup track to the stadium - my money remains on lighting inside to a cauldron outside. I'm pretty confident that I know at least part of the lighting 'moment' but certainly not going to post it here! My attempts to catch sight of the northern concrete square were scuppers on my most recent trip to the stadium, will try again at the next rehersal. We'll know in two weeks from now...
  6. Good spot Kevzz, those photos have just been released and I can confirm the ones of the stadium are very up to date as I was there when they were taken last night. Still no signs of the cauldron here though... I wonder if Adrian is referring to the signage near the Stratford gate?
  7. I love this game! Strange that a sewage reservoir would be built on a perfect axis from the Olympic Stadium FOP. The good news is that we can all disagree, and possibly all be proved wrong at midnight 22 days from now...
  8. I'm really liking the ideas for the cauldron that have been discussed here, and I'm liking the fact that none of us know, even those who've spent time in the stadium. The opening and closing ceremony tickets seem to be evolutions of a theme - I don't remember anyone pointing out the para opening ticket design (right, below).
  9. I have now seen the square that many of us are focused on! It's not big, maybe four metres by four metres, and there is absolutely nothing happening on it or around it at the moment. There's not a loop or a hook or a hole, and I was very nearby. Nor is there anything in the back of house area apart from props for the opening ceremony. But I still feel confident that it's important. By the way, the barges below are definitely power units.
  10. Congratulations Rich, the hard part is going to be keeping your reactions contained until the night of the 27th! You'll have to PM Adrian, FD and me to let us know what you think...
  11. Thanks! You're right, the cross-section is different to what I suggested, although I'd not particularly rely on that as accurate. The guess about the location is only my own, there's nothing in anything I've seen about the ceremonies that give any hint of the location - and I wonder if it won't even be shown in the dress rehearsals, instead being done in a closed stadium - but even if we did have inside knowledge, I wouldn't tell! All the evidence I've used is in the public domain.
  12. I am enjoying the discussion around where the location of the cauldron might be, and what it might look like. I'm only a newbie here and haven't delved into the whole thread, but presume that the actual planning permissions have been discussed? Now, there's the caveat that the ODC is allowed to not publish sensitive or confidential planning applications, and it's possible that the permissions for the Olympic Cauldron will have changed, but the evidence does strongly support that white block as the location: The original permissions for the cauldron presume a small, solid foundation The location of that permission is clearly the exact spot of that white square (look at where the A-A' cross-section is located on the bottom left of that planning submission) The brief for what became the Orbit offered a number of sites in the park (detailed in the Orbit planning submission) and referenced (i) the Northerly location and (ii) that "a minimum height of 100m was needed for spectators in the Olympic Stadium to see the flame" The Orbit planning application also states that north of the stadium (PDZ3) was rejected because "The requirement to incorporate the Olympic flame did not meet the Artistic intention of the piece" Analysis has gone into the zone of visual influence (ZVI) at this location The Cauldron will be a 'legacy structure', extant on the site in 2021 and beyond (see the title of the planning application here) Ignore the north-south being literally north-south, and instead look at the line from inside to outside the stadium. That's going to be important. And as for requiring deep foundations and a long construction time, I expect the cauldron will be more of a mast than a robust pillar - in the manner of, but not inspired by, the Skylon (which required few foundations) - that can be erected very quickly. Coincidentally, reading around the topic there are serendipitous parallels in the careers of Heatherwick and Samuely (who designed and engineered the Skylon). From my calculations I'm predicting that the cauldron will be exactly 100m tall. But will be happily proved wrong about that. I rest my case!
  13. Good point if the cauldron were small and/or low. However the original planning permission gave the scope for a very tall cauldron, much taller than the stadium roof, and the view of it will be good from many points in the park including bridges C and D between which the white square is located. If I could work out the height of the stadium canopy, then I'd be ready to make a bet on the height of the cauldron.
  14. It goes to show just how dramatic the transformation of the area has been, that the green bridge is one of the few remaining parts of the old site. Carpenters Lock / Bridge over City Mill River by captainzep, on Flickr I'm liking SwissO's theory about the white plate on the island. It's on a direct line from the bell, through the Tor, and satellite imagery from a couple of years ago shows that the plate was in place as the stadium was being fitted out (this image is from June 2010): There's one other confidential reason why I'm pretty confident about this location for the cauldron, which I can't reveal here. So I'm writing it on this piece of imaginary paper, and putting the paper in this imaginary envelope, which I'll open on July 28th to prove the sceptics that I'm not mad!
  15. Sigh, no proof that I'll share here but I do know enough not to go posting confidential pictures of the stadium - whoever took those was going against the spirit of being involved in the ceremonies and also against their contract (not that they show anything new). Don't you guys think it's more fun to keep guessing what will be in the show and we can say if you're heading in the right or wrong direction? I'm sure that Adrian would be able to confirm anything that I've said. And there are no Teletubbies - as far as I know.
  16. Okay. There are Teletubbies living under the stage! The stadium's still in a state of flux so there could well be other screens that appear; the bell itself doesn't hugely obscure the jumbotrons at the bell end. As for the lighting, there's going to be some theatre leading up to it which I think Adrian's already alluded to, but I don't yet see how it's going to link in to the lighting of the cauldron. Not much help, I know!
  17. The jumbotrons are still in place (or are being erected at the moment); additional jumbotron-type screens will be suspended above the northern seats. I'm being careful not to reveal anything that can't be classed as common knowledge!
  18. I think the barges are actually holding several generators, there's an enormous amount of temporary power already installed at the stadium. Correct, there is a ledge over the Tor but it doesn't look strong enough to support a substantial structure. I do know what it's for but, respecting confidentiality, you won't find out until show time. Sorry!
  19. I had a nose around in the past couple of days as close as I could to the site where we think the cauldron might be, and looked around inside the stadium. There's still nothing to see, at least as close as I could spot from one of the bridges. The mystery continues, and I imagine we might not even know after the dress rehearsals!
  20. Hello all, Been reading this forum for some time, being both a huge Olympic ceremony fan and one of the thousands performing in the London 2012 OOC. Without giving anything anyway, I've got a good idea of what's happening in parts of the ceremony and the moments leading up to the lighting will be beautiful. Anyhow, at the risk of reading too much into what Heatherwick says, I'd take note of the Government approval for the 'moment'. Is that approval because of the cost, or because of the solution? I really don't know... although we all will in 41 days.
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