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  1. New: Architecture of the Games Magazine #1 - January 2018 In ‘Architecture of the Games Magazine’ we take a look at the Olympic Games from the perspective of the designer. We will be paying special attention to the 2018 Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang. Other topics include Rio 2016, the new Candidature Process for the 2026 Olympic Winter Games and the Olympic Legacy of Barcelona 1992 and London 2012. In the last section you will find a report of our visit to ‘Olympic Capital’ Lausanne. This bilingual magazine is available to read for free via electronic publishing platform Issuu.
  2. Ticketing Guide: https://tickets.pyeongchang2018.com/File/GP/PyeongChang 2018 Ticketing Guide.pdf
  3. Candidature file part 2: https://budapest2024.org/static/pdf/Budapest_2024_Candidature_File_Stage_2_EN-FINAL.pdf
  4. LA24 Candidature File Stage 2 available to download: https://la24.org/media/107-stage-2-
  5. Arpoador TV Studio This temporary TV studio was used by Rio Media Centre, ORF (Austria) and SRG (Switzerland) (all photos by me)
  6. Anyone entered the ballot for tickets? Anyone got lucky? I have tickets for 2 morning and 4 evening sessions (including the 100m mens final)
  7. I saw this pin yesterday in the official store on Olympic Boulevard. (You can also visit the Coca Cola store for more pins)
  8. Images of ‘culture quarter’ unveiled for anniversary of 2012 opening ceremony: http://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/images-of-culture-quarter-unveiled-for-anniversary-of-2012-opening-ceremony-a3305421.html
  9. If you click on the image it opens in a new window
  10. New metro map: (metrorio.com.br) The app is also updated with Linha 4 info
  11. https://www.london2012track.com/store/
  12. I have created a magazine about the spatial and architectural design of the upcoming Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. This trilingual magazine (English / Portuguese / Dutch) is available for free as limited printed edition and online via issuu. In 'The Architecture of Rio2016’ we take a look to the Games from the perspective of the designer. I explain the Rio 2016 Masterplan, give a complete overview of all the venues and pay attention to Brazilian architecture in general and local architects involved in the design and construction of the venues. Contents 06 Summary in Portuguese
  13. All publicly accessible National Houses in Google Earth (Including addresses and kmz download)
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