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  1. Don't think there is anything too sinister or cauldron related going on under the multicoloured bridge. Looking at Google earth images suggests that this bridge is important for all manner of pipes that cross the park. Possibly what we can see in your image Waldi is the protective conduit? Take a look: http://i1243.photobucket.com/albums/gg547/paul65v2/6ed1a17b.jpg
  2. Oops apologies - I got my bearings all mixed up. My bad. Sorry all.
  3. There's a pretty good close up of the plate in question at the 3 minute 21 second of the clip at http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-18609415 No way is that footprint big enough.
  4. I too have a ticket for the 25 July Technical Rehearsal. Am over the moon. Just read the Terms and Conditions for the ticket which reads, 'We appreciate your help in making sure everything is ready for the big day. The full Ceremony will be watched by billions of people around the world. We don’t want to ruin the surprise for them so please help us keep the contents of the show a secret.' Us Games Maker spectators are in the very privileged positon of being able to see the rehearsal before the proper opening ceremony. We should respect that privilege and LOCOG's request and simply enjoy what we see during the rehearsals in the company of our family of dedicated 2012 Games Maker brothers and sisters.
  5. Yeah I was in the Park on Saturday. I even saw some of the opening ceremony 'Isles of Wonder' grass laid out in the sun.I saw that the wrap was coming on at a pace. I stitched 4 photos together to create one big image of the east side of the stadium. By beardyboy at 2012-06-24
  6. Just for a bit of fun ... If you want to gave a go at playing with the stadium model and working out where you'd place your very own Heatherwick designed cauldron open up Google Earth, browse to the Olympic Park and zoom in, ensure you have the Photorealistic 3D Building layer ticked in the left hand sidebar and then work out where you'd put the cauldron if you were in charge. It's fun. By beardyboy at 2012-06-24
  7. Some more pics from yesterday: By beardyboy at 2012-06-24 By beardyboy at 2012-06-24 By beardyboy at 2012-06-24
  8. Ok - I was in the Olympic Park yesterday. Lots of activity going on. Really hard to get close to the Stadium so my pics are all long range efforts. Couldn't get any shots that indicated that certain suspect areas to the north of the stadium were being prepared for the cauldron so it is still a mystery. The whole of the east side of the stadium (dignitary and press entry) was no-go to us so I cannot report on whether the barge was there or not. What I did manage to snap was some of the opening ceremony 'Isles of Wonder' grass (meadow and cricket pitch presumably) out sunning itself and several of the large rings up on the roof. The stadium wrap is really coming on at a pace now too. By beardyboy at 2012-06-24
  9. Thanks for the advice SwissO. Seems simple enough. Pics will be up on Sunday evening.
  10. I'm in the Olympic Park tomorrow and will hope to get as many pictures as possible and post them at some stage on Sunday when I get back to my computer. I've never posted any on my own pictures here before. Is it relatively easy to do?
  11. Yes I've entered the competition. Fingers crossed I get chosen. I'm guessing that there's lots of stuff they need to test, timings wise (parade of nations, music choreography. set changes, fireworks etc). It would be awesome to get to see it although I'd imagine that some key stuff will be kept under wraps till the opening ceremony on 27 July.
  12. This is the text from the invite. Hope it clarifies things.
  13. I am in the Olympic Park this Saturday so I'm going to have a right good nosey and see what photos I can take and share here.
  14. Ah yes Matt I see all five now. Your eyes are better than mine. LOL
  15. Thanks for sharing pjpauly2k. From looking at the shadows under those rings it looks like they are suspended on the intricate roof cable runners. I wonder do they come together to make the olympic rings? If so then the fifth ring is missing. Don't think these will be cauldron related.
  16. The tree on the hill is in place inside the stadium at the northern end. What could be under it (if anything?)
  17. We now know what is going on top of that stage at the northern end of the stadium. (From the BBC News story 'London 2012: Olympics opening ceremony details revealed') Here's a slightly higher rez pic.
  18. I'm not sure if the stadium at various stages of construction will yield any cauldron clues but the numerous photo sets by Andy Wilkes (Official BTStoryteller) might be worth looking at. The flickr link is http://www.flickr.com/photos/andywilkes/sets/ His blog 'Life Inside the London 2012 Olympic Park' is http://insidelondon2012.blogspot.co.uk/
  19. There's a load of London 2012 Park and Stadium aerial images from Getty over at http://mm.gettyimages.com/mm/nicePath/locog?nav=pr160912711 These were taken in December 2011 so you can see what has changed around the stadium since then by comparing the Getty ones with with the current ones from Jason Hawkes.
  20. Thanks Olympian. It was a friend of mine on the bus tour so I'm getting vague information second hand sadly.There was no indication whether the cauldron was outside the stadium or sitting on the roof (or even suspended between the four lighting gantries mentioned). Sorry. I'm not a subscriber to the Architects' Journal but somehow I managed to get behind the paywall on Saturday morning and so thought it was worthy of posting the info from there. From memory the attachments gave absolutely nothing away - they were simply general pics of the park. I agree with you on the height range quoted in the article. 150 metres is massive and not realistic. Looks like they are being deliberately ambiguous so as not to give too much away. Re - wood fuelled. Maybe they are installing a wood pellet burner somewhere? LOL I really have no idea how they are going to hide everything until the opening ceremony. I'm over in the Olympic Park (for Games Maker training) on Sat 23 June so I'll see what I can photograph from ground level which might heed some clues.
  21. Hi bra'tac/Paul I'm not sure but the pods may be a gas line red herring. Having taken a look on Google Earth I counted six of them around the stadium. I'm not wedded to the idea but the cantilevered option over the roof from outside seems most likely. A friend of mine who did the bus tour in Sept 2010 said that the cauldron would be between the four floodlight gantries (in the 11, 12, 1 and 2 o'clock positions - orientating 12 o'clock at the lighting gantry on the North end of the stadium. Then the press will sit facing it and to the left of it. Some members of the public will have to sit under and alongside it to the right, so they won't get decent pics of it - then again that was the case in Beijing too. Question is would they have settled on the location in Sept 2010 before they had appointed Heatherwick? Interestingly I came across this 20 Feb 2011 article in The Architects' Journal Just to clarify - the press would look over to the left to see it. They'd actually be sitting to the right of the cauldron of it were to be where the bus tour said it would be. Sorry if I confused anyone.
  22. Thanks for the welcome AustralianFan and bra'tac. I just happened to notice in the image below that there appears to be a new 'ledge' added to the rim of the roof. It isn't visible in the Hi Rez panoramic image from the 2012 hours to go event a month ago so must be a recent addition. Question is whether it has some alignment with the 'stage' under it and then what bearing that might have on things.
  23. I've been an interested reader of this forum for the last week or so. The 'where's the cauldron gonna be' puzzle is fascinating. Reading through all the posts now is a daily addiction for me. Like the rest of you I am very curious as to where the cauldron will be. The zoomable hi rez panoramic image taken at the 2012 hours to go event might yield some clues (assuming the cauldron is inside the stadium). You can get to the image at http://2012hourstogo.panoramic-imaging.com/ In pulling all the information together from the preceding 72 pages I have a hunch that: 1. The use of triangles is significant (triangular torch signifying third time the Games have been in London) 2. The mechanism supporting/holding the cauldron could feasibly be outside the stadium (the roof seems too well balanced already to support a further structure) yet the cauldron will be seen inside the stadium and possibly from elsewhere in the park too 3. The London 2012 planning document identifies the footprint of the cauldron being outside the stadium at some stage Is it beyond the realm of engineering that some sort of lean, triangular, cantilevered structure with a gas line running through it and secured by cables (like anchoring tent guylines) outside the stadium at the north end [PDF of Park Map] could suspend the cauldron over the roof and make it appear that the cauldron is floating in the air within the stadium?
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