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  1. Long time lurker here. I very much enjoy reading people's comments. Here are a few of my own: Tradition vs. Internationalism/Genericism: This and other CC's are best when the focus of the culture of the home country. This one strayed a few times into international culture. As others have pointed out, why sing the Olympic anthem in English? Why must floor projection titles be in English? These give the feeling of the (big dollar paying US) audience being manipulated and pandered to, rather than the (US) audience being a witness to THEIR ceremony. Similarly, what's with K-pop? Too much
  2. Like krow said. And let me add: Swimming. Beach Volleyball. Women's Artistic Gymnastics. Track. That's all you need to see. Non-American athletes not named Usain Bolt are of little consequence. Silver or even gold metal victories of said non-Americans are nice, in so far as NBC will tell you about them, but bronze by an American, or even a courageous fourth, is real story of these games. Better to show every single goddamn heat involving an American than the finals of an event not involving an American. It's better to show (repeated) shots of mom (and dad) in the
  3. Yes it may appear, and certainly based on this photo, that the panels are not abutting. I would propose two explanations, in addition to the one asserted that construction is poor. 1) There may be a "reveal" designed into the panels, i.e. (and sorry I don't know the exact word) there is a flange that slips under the neighboring panel. So, yes, even though there is a space between them on their top surfaces (and to a certain depth of, say 1cm), they are actually touching, or joined, at the underside of the panel. Thus there is continuous panel material across the entire roof, i.e. no actual
  4. And you can tell any of that how? From that distance, at that resolution, using (probably) someone's cell phone camera, there is no possible way. Maybe NASA or the USAF has the tools. But then, they probably also have experts who would know the difference between a "gap" and an expansion joint. And I bet they even have people who are aware that sometime over the past five years Tokyo has had rain, air pollution, dust...
  5. Uh, let me take that one: by hiring an architect with vision, intellegence, perception, knowledge, skill, aesthetic sense, depth? by hiring an architect who knows what they're doing? You leave it to the experts, the good ones, that's how. It's something this sports council either doesn't understand, was in too much of a bind to do, or just blew it. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity has been bungled. Doesn't matter, there'll be a 2024, just around the corner.
  6. Those trees should be ready in time for the 2044 games. Utterly underwelming. Will be forgotten before the games even end. Zzzzzz..... Bring back Zaha. .
  7. Lets see, between viral illnesses in Rio and respiratory ones in Beijing, the IOC medical staff should stay fully employed for years to come.
  8. Yes, but that stadium was used in '04 (2014, that is) so that restarts the clock, no? Oops: 2004, that is (not 2014).
  9. Actually, that would be St. Louis '04. It is still being used (by Washington University) after 111 years!
  10. I really like the minimalist design. Also, the outfield fences of the baseball field on right have to be the absolute highest ever! Giancarlo Stanton couldn't even hit one out of that park even if it were on the moon.
  11. Zaha Hadid Architecture releases statement: Our teams in Japan and the UK feel it is necessary to set the record straight on the Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA) design for the new National Stadium for Japan, which has been developed to the client’s brief and budget. It is also only right that the Japanese people are fully aware of the reasons for the reported budget increase and, with exactly five years to go until the Opening Ceremony of the Tokyo 2020 Games, the risks involved with delaying the design process and start of construction. In 2012 ZHA was selected by a jury of architects and other
  12. Of the 18 ceremonies, I watched 17 of them (missed Moscow). But I'll be damned if I have a sufficiently complete memory of most of them to properly judge and compare them. Most I only saw once-- that would be 30 years ago for the earliest. How posters on this board, even with the help of YouTube, can sort through 18 3+ hour ceremonies is beyond my understanding, as well as capability. The best I can do is recall some high and low moments from the 17. The high: - Albertville: Cocteau-esque floating figures, beguiling costumes, Generally high and sophisticated French art. Unforgettable. - Ba
  13. Repost of my post on Bloomberg site: 1) Got to include Pier Luigi Nervi's Palazzetto dello Sport for the 1960 Rome Olympics in this gallery. http://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&docid=noO0xqGqDM2GIM&tbnid=BYedmpTvDikD2M:&ved=0CAUQjRw&url=http%3A%2F%2Fmulti-purpose.tumblr.com%2Fpost%2F22010778190%2Fpalazzetto-dello-sport-pier-luigi-nervi-1957&ei=ec83U9fRD-y-sQS4nYKgAQ&bvm=bv.63808443,d.aWM&psig=AFQjCNEOQXYnwYRAwQAgkp_YDd_v36o2aQ&ust=1396252612260951 2) If you're going to include a building
  14. An interesting article in Slate about NBC's coverage. Apologies if this has already been posted-- though I couldn't find that it has. http://www.slate.com/articles/sports/fivering_circus/2014/02/nbc_olympics_the_network_s_coverage_of_the_sochi_games_is_reality_tv_masquerading.html
  15. If NBC needed to find time to air their soon-to-be-cancelled new sitcom-- and promos for all sorts of other poor programs-- why didn't they just cut that tired old film about the Kerrigan-Harding war. That story is 20 years old, nobody gives a damn anymore. Yet NBC stole time from the current event, i.e. the closing ceremonies, to rehash the soap opera from the past, that even the principals would like to forget and put behind them. NBC does, indeed, stink. Link? All I can find are a couple of 2 minute highlights.
  16. Can't think of anything less important to the Olympics or its ceremonies than the mascots. Who really cares what they look like, their names, etc., except for maybe my five year-old niece. Why the fuss? Got to admit, though, the engineering of the movements of this giant stuffed animals was pretty impressive. Otherwise, wish they'd do away with that Disney-like stuff.
  17. Great Closing Ceremony... I guess... I'd be a whole lot more certain if NBC wouldn't have completely screwed it up. The horribleness of the utterly inane and pointless comentary by those ingnorant fools, Chris Collinsworth and Al Michaels, whose expertise ends on the edge of a football field, was only exceeded by the brutal cuts the network made to the broadcast. But I can see why: Leaving out whole segments of the ceremonies, both artistic and ritual, was so worth it so that we could see yet-another promo for the soon-to-be shortlived sitcoms which the creatively-spent network is foisting on
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