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  1. If the cauldron is not visible from the outside, maybe the flame is... my suggestion: filming the flame from several different angles and projecting it on the white fabric panels outside the stadium . Tadaaa
  2. If you look closely there are actuallly 5 rings. 2 of them are to the right side of ther river themse and one right at the bridge leading to this hill. The other one lying on the white floor and the fifth on on the rooftop.
  3. I think they changed the design due to the costs. I`m pretty sure that the production costs of bubble shaped pods would be quite expensive, furthermore the new design is even more efficient due to space etc.
  4. Haha thank you !!! well i think now i know how to add an image It is obvious that they are building something over there but you`re right it`s actually pretty far away from the original stadium although it`s quite in the center of the Olympic Park in general.
  5. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/100/vollbildaufzeichnung030p.jpg/
  6. whoops how can i add a picture/ delete a comment here? sorry!!!! Thank you so much !
  7. Hey Guys, I only created my account to be able to take part in your discussion about the olympic cauldron. I`ve been following your ideas over the last few weeks now and I really like all of them. Nevertheless I`ve found another (possible!?) location for the cauldron in Olympic Park but I have to admit that this position would be quite far away from the big stadium but I don`t get rid of the feeling that it looks like a big concrete foundation with a non-finished construction on it. What do you guys think? (by the way, in my opinion this photo is taken from a very rare angle, you can barely get an “official” picture where you can see this part of the Olympic Park on (maybe another evidence?))
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