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  1. It is a beautiful cauldron. What is your best cauldron? In all the ceremony to me was just ok. As mentioned multiple times it was disjointed, but I didn’t hate it. Met my expectations. Was hoping for more but oh well. With the late changes to the ceremonies team and the unpredictable pandemic situation, it was bound to suffer. To me the best ceremonies have a continuous thread and clear narrative without being overly interrupted by protocol segments. No real wow moments in Tokyo except for maybe the drones but too bad it was connected to the corny Imagine song (although well-performed).
  2. I read an article that said the parade would be early followed by artistic portion. So more to come.
  3. Normally before a ceremony, my imagination runs a little wild with what could be…not so much this time. But that doesn’t mean it can’t still be impactful and beautiful. I am managing my expectations but hoping for maybe an unexpected surprise or two.
  4. Phew! Still think it’s throwing the baby out with the bath water that they even considered cutting out a segment, but glad they didn’t feel the need. Not condoning what he said/did, but it wouldn’t be fair to the performers and everyone else working hard on the show.
  5. Seems like an overreaction to me. It’s not like they’ve canceled the ceremonies because of it. They could’ve just removed his name or announce who would be running the show instead or something.
  6. They’ve mysteriously removed the teaser videos from Instagram and YouTube.
  7. I love the animated pictograms. I wonder how these drones will be incorporated to the show. Maybe they’ll be in the sky during the parade?
  8. Context: https://olympics.com/tokyo-2020/en/news/count-down?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social-earned&utm_campaign=twitter_na_na_social_na_na_na&utm_content=twitter_na_na_social_na_na_na_na_occontent-tokyo2020_na_na ”The evolving nature of the stage setting is not to be missed." (set designer quote)
  9. I hope you’re wrong too it’s hard to judge by seeing a few snippets. Time will tell how it comes together. To me it looks like it could be cool. I also think the simple stage that’s currently there will be expanded upon by those wooden structures. In the show description, I believe the director mentioned that it will evolve.
  10. I think it’s a cheesy song, but at least it’s partially credited to Yoko Ono, so there’s a Japanese connection to it.
  11. Agreed! I wonder if drones can enter the stadium, because that would be a cool visual. Although I wonder about how much noise they make, especially collectively.
  12. I wonder what the objects on the left side of the pic are (outside the projection area).
  13. I just hope it’s cleverly combined with large practical props they can bring into the stadium, performers, costumes, etc. It should add to the ambience like lighting but not be the show itself. One of my favorite scenes where I thought it was used creatively was the Vancouver ceremony with the whales. Not expecting much though, given the setbacks this Olympiad has seen, but still holding out hope for the best.
  14. Was just thinking the same with that big gray oval. Hopefully, it’s used to enhance what’s happening instead of being the show itself.
  15. I wonder if they’ll put lights on the seats like London in part to make up for the lack of audience.
  16. Did a 180°—The more I see the animations and digest the concept the more I’m liking/loving it. It was just threw me for a bit of a loop. It’s quirky but ultimately modern and engaging. As an Angeleno myself, it’s cool to see the diversity that we see all around us reflected in this dynamic logo.
  17. I love the concept, but I do not like the execution. Can the bold font (L, 2 and 8) at least be the same font since the As change? It seems like the L and the 8 are the same or similar, but the 2 is kind of a sports jersey kind of font. Is this the offical logo or some kind of promo to keep people excited since it's so far away--I hope? I'm not a fan of the A that's currently their icon on social media (some kind of Old English, brush font). Reminds me of the Oakland As.
  18. Does anyone know what those rectangular contraptions on the stadium roof are (the ones spaced evenly between each lighting tower)?
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