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  1. Sydney remains my gold standard in terms of story-telling, smooth transitions between artistic segments, warmth/vibe and the amazing hidden cauldron (even with the hiccup). I agree that there must be other methods of making the cauldron environmentally friendly while still being impressive. I just blame a lack of creativity and innovation on this one.
  2. Ugh. When they lit the snowflake, I thought it would keep rising up to the top of the screen where it would ignite a hidden cauldron (maybe part of the screen would lower itself). I don't even remember if the music crescendoed when it was lit. I did love the ice cub that the rings came out of. I was hoping to see more moving stage parts like that.
  3. I’m surprised this passed muster with the Chinese government…or perhaps it was the result of government going too far in wanting to portray something small scale/austere/pandemic-friendly.
  4. I thought that even with a much smaller cast, there could have been more props (like the big kind that come in from the ends of the stadiums. The dandelion was a promising moment but didn't think that would be the peak creative moment of the ceremony. Just an overall lack of creativity and story-telling. Generic ceremony that didn't necessarily say much about Chinese culture or history.
  5. Underuse of the technology/led screen. I thought for sure the vertical screen would have more of a role in the ceremony. Disjointed and no continuous narrative here. And the "cauldron" was not the unprecedented lighting I was hoping for. Started out promising, but slipped away. The snowflake isn't that pretty. I think generally speaking for ceremonies, they should just get the protocol/parade done first and then the rest of the ceremony should be a continuous narrative leading up to the cauldron lighting. It's so disruptive to have speeches in between segments.
  6. I don’t think so. I think it’s just the reflective surface of the screen. The preview with people dancing on it makes me think it is not ice, but I hope to be wrong
  7. Interesting! I’m surprised that it’s not black if it is a screen, but maybe it’s just not something I’ve seen before .
  8. Is this part of the ceremony or a pre-show? The headline of the article suggests pre-show to me (“Square dancing to feature AHEAD of Beijing 2022 opening ceremony…”
  9. I bet it's for projection, but an actual ice surface would be amazing. The hinge reminds me a bit of the ramp during the Atlanta ceremony where the athletes entered the stadium, or maybe it's simply hiding the cauldron.
  10. It is a beautiful cauldron. What is your best cauldron? In all the ceremony to me was just ok. As mentioned multiple times it was disjointed, but I didn’t hate it. Met my expectations. Was hoping for more but oh well. With the late changes to the ceremonies team and the unpredictable pandemic situation, it was bound to suffer. To me the best ceremonies have a continuous thread and clear narrative without being overly interrupted by protocol segments. No real wow moments in Tokyo except for maybe the drones but too bad it was connected to the corny Imagine song (although well-performed).
  11. I read an article that said the parade would be early followed by artistic portion. So more to come.
  12. Normally before a ceremony, my imagination runs a little wild with what could be…not so much this time. But that doesn’t mean it can’t still be impactful and beautiful. I am managing my expectations but hoping for maybe an unexpected surprise or two.
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