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  1. Did a 180°—The more I see the animations and digest the concept the more I’m liking/loving it. It was just threw me for a bit of a loop. It’s quirky but ultimately modern and engaging. As an Angeleno myself, it’s cool to see the diversity that we see all around us reflected in this dynamic logo.
  2. I love the concept, but I do not like the execution. Can the bold font (L, 2 and 8) at least be the same font since the As change? It seems like the L and the 8 are the same or similar, but the 2 is kind of a sports jersey kind of font. Is this the offical logo or some kind of promo to keep people excited since it's so far away--I hope? I'm not a fan of the A that's currently their icon on social media (some kind of Old English, brush font). Reminds me of the Oakland As.
  3. Does anyone know what those rectangular contraptions on the stadium roof are (the ones spaced evenly between each lighting tower)?
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