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  1. Michelle Obama @FLOTUS for for First Lady forever

  2. What does that mean? How's the selection process different?
  3. Do you think that they will include the 1964 cauldron somehow?
  4. Time for more @TheAcademy Awards predictions https://t.co/HkNaqM4Y6A via @EGAwards15

  5. Dear god, I had just pushed that thing out of my memory
  6. Interesting. seems like an odd spot for a studio
  7. What is that building on the red pad? Something makes me want to say it's the Tokyo 2020 pavillion, but I feel that would be closer to Copacabana
  8. That's true. If you're including Lake Placid, might as well include Sydney's too... and Athens
  9. Gotcha. The stadium cauldron would have been epic if it was outside the stadium during the games
  10. Wasn't the main cauldron/flame for the Doha games in the giant tower? That tower was so big the flame looked tiny. I like the cauldron from the ceremony, it's neat, it would have been cool to see it out in the park outside the stadium.
  11. @NickyOdujirin I didn't see that in the list bur I'm drunk. I would love a musical to win

  12. Well that's a good point, but I would love to see the large cauldrons outside the stadium in the park, similar to what Sochi did. And speaking of Tokyo, does anybody think that the cauldron from the '64 games will make an appearance. I would cool to have it lit during the OC like what was done in Innsbruck.
  13. I couldn't agree more. I keep hoping for a Barcelona style cauldron with the gigantic flame over the stadium. This might become a new tradition for me (Since in 2014 I claimed the cauldron tower was a red haring during a time where I was mentally incapacitated with internet access) but I am really hoping that the Howe sculpture thing is a decoy for a bigger more stunning cauldron. Of course, all evidence seems to point to the Howe piece being the cauldron, I'm just holding on to the smallest shred of doubt.
  14. If it's going to be like the 90's, I am all in! I remember watching the opening ceremonies from Atlanta and Lillehammer (on VHS no less) and being amazing. That is what first started my love the for Olympics.
  15. @guill99em that was my song last week!

  16. #ThomasBack, show that you have a backbone, ban Russia and take back the @Olympics from the cheaters!! @Rio2016

  17. Looks like a giant metal caterpillar. Maybe a tower of moving spoon like parts with a flame on top...
  18. Good to know, much appreciated! I just remember reading somewhere someone in Japan was worried the stadium would burn if it's made of wood. I though it was a dumb concern. Anyway, I'm sure who ever is selected to direct the OC will do a fantastic job with the stadium.
  19. "Is Space Trek a sequal to Space Jam?" #Thingsmymomsays #StarTrek

  20. I know I said that ban on Russia from the 2016 games this close would be inappropriate, but I didn't realize the scale to which the doping was going on. I agree with Baron, as long as Putin and the KGB-esque government are still in power in Russia, we can not trust them to play fair, and they should not be allowed to participate in the games. What's the point of having athletes and coaches take an oath before billion of people during the opening ceremony when they know that more than likely the Russian have been doping? With cheating on a national level like this, the only fair and responsible thing to do for the Olympic Movement, and for the athletes who have earned their spot at the games fairly, without the use of drugs, is to exclude Russia from all competition until they prove that they have changed.
  21. Russia is known for breaking rules. It's time to put an end to it. #RussiaBan @Olympics, don't let cheaters win!!

  22. Allowing Russia to compete in @Rio2016 send the message that doping is acceptable and okay. @Olympics Ban Russia!

  23. #gopconvention #CUTTHESHIT @TheDailyShow @Trevornoah

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