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  1. RT @funnyordie: Ted Cruz tried to make Masturbation illegal Then watched Twitter porn It's even more beautiful as a haiku.

  2. RT @HG_Hohbes: Went to see IT, I'm first in the screen and this fucking guy's just sitting there. https://t.co/b3oatLGdrs

  3. #highthoughts Sometimes getting high feels like bungee jumping into your subconscience #cannabis @NORML

  4. @TheAcademy #Oscars2018 Early September Oscar Predictions https://t.co/wKlPtb2NHF

  5. RT @JasonOverstreet: Dear @realDonaldTrump, 70% of 320 million Americans are saying this: https://t.co/ttooWZICPE

  6. Some day I want to be a mascot for a Gay/LGBT sports team #dreams #lifegoals

  7. RT @Slate: The evidence has never been clearer: White resentment defines the GOP. https://t.co/fdsqJlAHmV https://t.co/OlABtNEKD3

  8. I've been thinking about @Eurovision #cannabis #highthoughts https://t.co/oF6OR8v6cH

  9. I think there should be an Asian designed #StatueofLiberty in #LosAngeles facing out into the Pacific Ocean

  10. I kinda feel like the United States should #boycott the 2018 @FIFAcom World Cup. We shouldn't be seen in #Russia right now

  11. @realDonaldTrump #Corruption #America https://t.co/792TGz7Yy5

  12. What hasn't anybody thanks O.J.? #Emmys

  13. 68th Primetime @EmmyAwards Predictions https://t.co/VI0T4gKOP3 via @EGAwards15

  14. I predict the winner of the Audience Choice Award at #TIFF16 will be Loving

  15. Mid September #Oscars Predictions https://t.co/l3kQKr7Dck dictions/ via @EGAwards15

  16. #MostAnticipated #Movies of #Fall2016 https://t.co/Uv18JNHBYh via @EGAwards15

  17. #Top5 Films of #Summer2016 https://t.co/3R9ZFnnvew via @EGAwards15

  18. RT @MelBrooks: Gene Wilder-One of the truly great talents of our time. He blessed every film we did with his magic & he blessed me with his…

  19. Late August #Oscars Predictions https://t.co/40DLZ6CrhN via @EGAwards15

  20. @wordpressdotcom @Olympics @NBCOlympics @LA2024

  21. @gabrielledoug was snubbed at the #Rio2016 Games! https://t.co/CX6QUMBZPG

  22. @EurovisionTheo It would not surprise me if Rome withdraws soon. It a fight between Paris and LA

  23. Reflections of @Rio2016 @Olympics @NBCOlympics https://t.co/3odTaJlv2L

  24. #RyanLochte @Olympics @Rio2016 @NBCOlympics https://t.co/tjWaPcilnl via @wordpressdotcom

  25. #Manbuns are the worst #rants https://t.co/dq4yP1F1g0 via @wordpressdotcom

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