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  1. RT @AP: Cold War drama caught on video as North Korean soldier escapes. By @APKlug. https://t.co/1adCS69ySp https://t.co/7LJc5uYCio

  2. Late November Oscar Predictions https://t.co/gekZsKLofj https://t.co/NOL5biwPp0

  3. RT @medievalfun: when you make a self-deprecating joke but it’s too intense and everyone gets upset https://t.co/QV6EIh0pDK

  4. I'm only halfway thru the first sketch of this weekend's #SNL and I want more @TiffanyHaddish #giveheranemmy #Emmys

  5. RT @tedlieu: I sit on the House Judiciary Committee and Lyin' Jeff Sessions will testify under oath this Tuesday morning. Retweet if you th…

  6. RT @PeterSweden7: SWEDEN BOMBINGS There has been 16 bombs / explosions in just 28 days. Here is the full list of all that has happened. T…

  7. RT @BetteMidler: Guns have ruined our lives. We can't go to the movies, to a nightclub, to a church, to a music festival without thinking…

  8. @netflix The Great Family Cooking Throwdown better have cookbook! #TheGreatFamiliyCookingThrowdown

  9. RT @MichaelSkolnik: NYC: Muslim man killed 8, injured 13. Trump wants policy change immediately. VEGAS: White man killed 58, injured 546.…

  10. RT @nytimes: Breaking News: Paul Manafort and Rick Gates were told to surrender to federal authorities https://t.co/eTpi96IWXY

  11. RT @gettinnoticedmo: CNN: Mueller brings charges MSNBC: Mueller brings charges Fox News: https://t.co/xHpwLRMt5S

  12. RT @RalphNortham: I served 8 years in the Army, took care of sick kids, and am running to build a more inclusive Virginia. Don't talk to me…

  13. RT @NORML: When we are talking, we are #Winning. Join us: https://t.co/W1O21rytlB https://t.co/kQMnHUURyS

  14. RT @franklinleonard: If I give 10 apples to one person and no apples to nine people, the average person has one apple. Why are nine peopl…

  15. RT @UberFacts: The Latin sentence "Malo malo malo malo" could be interpreted as “I would rather be in an apple tree than a wicked man in ad…

  16. RT @cher: Has ANYONE Ever Noticed...you never see Jabba The Hutt & trump in the same place at the same time https://t.co/hTFe9shP1M

  17. RT @CityOfLasVegas: The proposal has been submitted, and we’re ready to bring #Amazon2Vegas! https://t.co/NH4sqsZqli

  18. RT @SenSanders: Let's not confuse our campaigns @SenTedCruz. Mine had an average contribution of $27. You received $38 million from three b…

  19. RT @tedlieu: If @realDonaldTrump loses 3 #GOP Senate votes on his partisan tax plan, it dies. I hope @POTUS keeps strategically insulting M…

  20. RT @areycc: This has cured my depression https://t.co/pgrPbzoG6r

  21. Life is a Fucked up Mess is my new theme song #bigmouthnetflix @nickkroll

  22. 91st Academy Awards: Early as Hell Oscar Predictions https://t.co/gU3PfiuZ0M https://t.co/epEs8aijAX

  23. I find myself listening to "From a Distance" @BetteMidler lately hoping that peace is still possible

  24. RT @NPR: Utah Officer Fired For Arrest of Nurse, Recorded On Video https://t.co/PeYQlY7joa

  25. justice https://t.co/1s2rqGiz6a

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