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  1. RT @SarahKSilverman: The blatant racism is stunning & should never not be shocking. Also, people in Norway have free/v affordable health ca…

  2. RT @SenatorCardin: Today I'm releasing a #RussiaReport documenting Vladimir Putin's 20-year attack on democratic institutions in his own co…

  3. @ESCunited And Finland!

  4. This guy is an idiot. https://t.co/nYqfURPU8k

  5. Regardless of who wins #DestinationEurovision, I want to buy that album of all the acts. @Eurovision @EurovisionF2

  6. @katya_zamo @trixiemattel Omg, @Eurovision meets #DragRace Finally!

  7. RT @DerekMilman: Photo of the decade: Doug Jones being sworn in, while his openly gay son QUIETLY DISINTEGRATES THE SOUL OF MIKE PENCE. htt…

  8. @LA2028 When can I apply to be apart of the @Olympics Opening Ceremony? I'm re-watching 2012 Opening Ceremony and I… https://t.co/kjkRFwRIzy

  9. I want Sweden to host the #WinterOlympics so that the @Olympics opening ceremoney can get the @Eurovision treatment

  10. Late December Oscar Predictions https://t.co/ePrGcqdt1w

  11. @WatchMojo Top 10 movies told from the prospective of a child

  12. RT @benwikler: Seriously. Don’t just fret about Trump firing Mueller. Be ready. We have a plan. 400+ protests nationwide, within hours. G…

  13. The shotlist for the Best Foreign Language Film #Oscar will be announced soon. My predictions 1 ???????? 2 ???????? 3 ???????? 4 ????????… https://t.co/dbmXBpK8i3

  14. I wish the #GRAMMYs would take more inspiration from @Eurovision when it comes to staging

  15. RT @BobsBurgersFOX: Relatable. #BobsBurgers https://t.co/kXfSvPd2Gv

  16. RT @UberFacts: There are heroes all around us... Witnesses saw this man pull over next to a huge wildfire to save a rabbit. ???????????? https://t.c…

  17. Happy 100th Birthday #Finland100

  18. RT @kasie: Roy Moore, to be clear, was twice fired as a judge for not following the law and violating judicial ethics code https://t.co/vy1…

  19. Early December Oscar Predictions https://t.co/SXWwz7wdxb

  20. RT @LanceUlanoff: Trickle Down Economics Trickle Down Economic Trickle Down Economi Trickle Down Econom Trickle Down Econo Trickle Down Eco…

  21. 2017: the year that would inspire the #Oscar Best picture winner of the 120th @TheAcademy Awards

  22. It's almost December, which means the #Oscars shortlist for Foreign Language Film will be announced soon. Here's me… https://t.co/kxPx2T3xpJ

  23. 2018 Sundance Film Festival Lineup https://t.co/Vs00GEZOC7

  24. RT @TheWrap: Eric Trump Is Really Confused About Disney's 'Pocahontas' https://t.co/DFSSz9WASh https://t.co/cbtx8yOeek

  25. @TempestDujour BRAVA! I just watched Cherry Pop, it was amazing! @netflix

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