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  1. RT @krassenstein: This is Utah Republican Rep. Jon Stanard He voted for tougher penalties for prostitution. He has just resigned amid all…

  2. RT @BetteMidler: https://t.co/rPUMDhdJN9

  3. I'm so happy @surieofficial won! I so rarely agree with most people when it comes to national final winners!… https://t.co/vm4z0qPe9t

  4. I just listened to all the songs for @Eurovision #Denmark One epic winner, 2 okay, some ehhhs and 3 duds...

  5. My top 6 for @Eurovision 2018 1. ???????? 2. ???????? 3. ???????? 4. ???????? 5. ???????? 6. ????????

  6. After #mesc2018 my @Eurovision top 5 are 1. ???????? France 2. ???????? Spain 3. ???????? Czech Republic 4. ???????? Albania 5. ???????? Malta

  7. @tedlieu @Wendys I'm 26 and I got the joke

  8. @Lesdoggg are we flung to see you in @pyeongchang2018 ?

  9. RT @IronStache: The Solar industry employs twice as many people the coal industry. @realDonaldTrump, you haven’t ended the war on American…

  10. @surieofficial I Will. This storm will pass!

  11. RT @TheOnion: Bruno Mars Takes Home Coveted ‘Least Threatening Artist’ Award At 2018 Grammys https://t.co/dDDoawgYAx https://t.co/EEw4qpzomv

  12. RT @BillKristol: Another bit from Nixon’s 1974 State of the Union: “I believe the time has come to bring that investigation and the other i…

  13. RT @__Anastazia__: When Mercy overtook Eva at the last minute and won the whole thing #destinationeurovision https://t.co/NB58wQmqKB

  14. RT @StopTrump2020: If we can cut off Twitter and keep @realDonaldTrump in the #WhiteHouse - I will build this wall with my own hands!! http…

  15. RT @SenSchumer: The Republican attacks on the credibility of the FBI & DOJ are playing right into Putin’s hands. They constitute an attack…

  16. RT @Lesdoggg: I fucking love my job and it was an honor to do Will Farrell’s characters!! Hope I did it justice!! @nbcsnl SO FUN!! https://…

  17. @TheAcademy #AcademyAwards #Oscars #OscarNoms #Oscars2018 @GoldDerby

  18. Bravo @EurovisionF2! C'était un spectacle fantastique! Je ne peux pas attendre la finale la semaine prochaine!… https://t.co/w5QpIv7xMi

  19. RT @MoveOn: Make no mistake. #TrumpShutdown https://t.co/V04AsxuCxs

  20. @vivlane France has the best national selection this year (so far), but Malo is my favorite

  21. RT @kylegriffin1: Cory Booker to Nielsen: "Your silence and your amnesia is complicity." (via CBS) https://t.co/dWnaMt6gCa

  22. RT @BetteMidler: All those NYC Health Dept reports of food borne illnesses were from #TrumpShitholes!!! I just spent some time reading rev…

  23. I really hope @JanelleMonae wins an Oscar. If 2016 proved, she's a Oscar winner in the making @TheAcademy

  24. RT @SarahKSilverman: The blatant racism is stunning & should never not be shocking. Also, people in Norway have free/v affordable health ca…

  25. RT @SenatorCardin: Today I'm releasing a #RussiaReport documenting Vladimir Putin's 20-year attack on democratic institutions in his own co…

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