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  1. On 8/10/2016 at 8:48 PM, Ikarus360 said:

    If both London and Rio paid homage to their respective musical culture (both old and modern) on their ceremonies, its almost certain we'll see it in Korea. Japan's J-Pop is also very popular, however the rise of K-Pop on recent years on what's been part of the Korean Wave has reached the extent their own tourist companies also advertise it as one of Korea main attractions. However, Gwangju 's Universiade opening was so packed with it I got quickly tired. I hope they balance it for the Pyeonghchang ceremonies.

    I kinda have a feel Japan won't want to give a full history lesson about their country in their opening ceremony. I predict they might do an obligatory segment condensing some of its history or legends but i think they might want to focus on the message of the games and the future, or about sports/daily life in modern Japan. They might do a remembrance for the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake for sure since they're still kinda promoting it (one of the venues for the 2019 Rugby WC is a town which got heavily damaged by the tragedy and is still recovering. Also for what I heard a series of images/videos of people from the most affected areas will be shown at the handover) 

    I also think they won't talk much about multiculturality like Rio did (they could but it might seem a bit hypocrite considering they're among the most homogeneous societies in the world). 

    Maybe they'll do something like London, where they do a historical portion starting at a specific point later in history. Then again, I think Japan is so well know for it's specific artistry in ancient art, to manga and anime and even J-Pop that they could come up with something that goes outside the box of what we've come to expect. I think Japan will present an impressive show in 2020.

  2. 6 minutes ago, baron-pierreIV said:

    The tree thing is a reverse of Berlin 1936 when instead of gathering to plant trees, the Berlin OCOG gave out 113 saplings from a mother oak tree in Berlin, to the gold medal winners who were then expected to plant those when they returned home.  Jesse Owens alone got 4 but only 2 survived and are still alive today.  A researcher named Jim COnstandt tracked down the  whereabouts of the 1936 saplings.  

    But this "cauldron" is a fake one.  The sculpture is an entirely separate piece just placed behind a very basic cauldron.  


    That's a good point. I guess the stadium cauldron is just a small bowl that's floating, but I do hope they connect them for the closing ceremony. It might be fun to see if the football players who play in Maracana get distracted or blinded by the reflected light from the flame.

    As for the trees, at least in these games we'll know that the trees will be planted. The concept in Berlin 1936 doesn't make sense to me. What if the athletes don't live in areas where the tree can grow? 



  3. 2 hours ago, Blazerblaz3 said:

    The church cauldron seems much much smaller than the maracana version

    It could be the the church cauldron looks smaller because cameras aren't zooming in on it like the cauldron in the stadium. I do hope that the stadium cauldron is fixed to look more like the church cauldron, because it looks weird with the bowl just hanging there. 

    I do like the symbolize of the cauldron though, even with the smaller flame, with the idea of reflecting the Olympic flame all over. It echos the lighting in Olympia from the reflection of the suns rays. I also liked how kids marched into the stadium with the athletes like in London, just with plants. A giant tree will serve an incredible reminder in legacy mode of the games, better than a copper petal. 

  4. 3 hours ago, Kevin C. said:

    No cauldron-related updates? Me thinks they're probably doing a good job in keeping it hush.

    I think we're just gotten to a point where we know that it's going to be kinetic and have fire, so we're just waiting for the ceremony. Might as well discuss what we liked about passed cauldrons and see what can be done differently in Rio.

  5. I never realized how much fire was involved with international sport competitions. 

    I know that earlier I said that Athens 2004 was my favorite cauldron (it still is), but I think that the London 2012 cauldron is going to be go down as the most iconic cauldron of the 21st century for it's symbolism and beauty. I hope Rio didn't get their hopes up.

  6. 1 hour ago, intoronto said:

    The five being added for Tokyo are one offs. 

    This is good to know because if they were meant to be added for two additional games, that would lead to a huge Olympic Program of almost 40 sports or more. Maybe it's time for some other sports to leave the Olympic Program to make room for newer sports... I vote Equestrian and Table Tennis

  7. 5 hours ago, TorchbearerAA said:

    First the IOC choose the sports to be included in the programme.
    Now the OCOG can make a proposal for events in stead of sports to be included in the Olympic programme. So the maximum is not 28 sports, but approximately 310 medal events in the Summer games.
    The IOC session needs to approve the OCOG proposal.

    So Tokyo 2020 proposed to include some events and the IOC session is going to decide on it next week.

    Thanks for the update! I like that the Organizing Committees are able to pick the sports that are more popular in their countries. I was wondering why baseball stadiums were being put on venue lists.

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