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  1. RT @Slate: Pence political stunt at NFL game cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars. https://t.co/JUoKnJ0H14 https://t.co/WUOcyh95…

    1. paul


      probably eliminating tax subsidies for the NFL would pay us back in a fraction of a second.

  2. Just leaked: The logo for the 2022 Winter @Olympics https://t.co/89lw3fcSh7

  3. @Olympics #Beijing2022

  4. #gopconvention #CUTTHESHIT @TheDailyShow @Trevornoah

  5. Allowing Russia to compete in @Rio2016 send the message that doping is acceptable and okay. @Olympics Ban Russia!

  6. Russia is known for breaking rules. It's time to put an end to it. #RussiaBan @Olympics, don't let cheaters win!!

  7. "Is Space Trek a sequal to Space Jam?" #Thingsmymomsays #StarTrek

  8. #ThomasBack, show that you have a backbone, ban Russia and take back the @Olympics from the cheaters!! @Rio2016

  9. @guill99em that was my song last week!

  10. @NickyOdujirin I didn't see that in the list bur I'm drunk. I would love a musical to win

  11. Time for more @TheAcademy Awards predictions https://t.co/HkNaqM4Y6A via @EGAwards15

  12. Michelle Obama @FLOTUS for for First Lady forever

  13. That was an impressive game @TeamCanada @Rio2016

  14. I want to be the @LasVegas51s mascot because I am part alien... and I like to dance like a weirdo...

  15. I think the gold medalist in men's football will come from group C @Rio2016

  16. @Rio2016 Though I do think the cauldron with the kinetic sculpture is beautiful and creative.

  17. Do coaches win a medal is their team wins? @NBCOlympics @Olympics

  18. All the male gymnasts have such good hair, I'm jealous @Rio2016

  19. #SuicideSquad is by far the most overrated movie of 2016

  20. Work today #adulting https://t.co/vOahrbSmcU

  21. Who would win in a triathlon? Michael Phelps or Usain Bolt? @Olympics @Rio2016 @NBCOlympics

  22. Can @Lesdoggg commentate the closing ceremony and the @Tokyo2020 opening ceremony?? She gves me LIFE!! SLAY ALL DAY USA!!!!

  23. I like to #rant https://t.co/BtC6sWny1i via @wordpressdotcom

  24. #Manbuns are the worst #rants https://t.co/dq4yP1F1g0 via @wordpressdotcom

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