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  1. "Is Space Trek a sequal to Space Jam?" #Thingsmymomsays #StarTrek

  2. @aj_michaelo @RealDonaldTrFan It's hard to tell these days

  3. @ArchieESC Why is it called the wall of death?

  4. @AwardsCircuit 2016: Emma Stone 2015: Brie Larson 2014: Rosamund Pike 2013: Sandra Bullock 2012: Jennifer Lawrence

  5. @CalmAfterTheTim I'm no particular order 1. Belgium 2. Israel 3. Austria 4. Finland 5. Czech Republic 6. Estonia 7.… https://t.co/nz7hx02sK7

  6. @ESCPifPaf I guess I'm a gun?

  7. @ESCunited And Finland!

  8. @EurovisionTheo It would not surprise me if Rome withdraws soon. It a fight between Paris and LA

  9. @gabrielledoug was snubbed at the #Rio2016 Games! https://t.co/CX6QUMBZPG

  10. @guill99em that was my song last week!

  11. @katya_zamo @trixiemattel Omg, @Eurovision meets #DragRace Finally!

  12. @LA2028 When can I apply to be apart of the @Olympics Opening Ceremony? I'm re-watching 2012 Opening Ceremony and I… https://t.co/kjkRFwRIzy

  13. @Lesdoggg are we flung to see you in @pyeongchang2018 ?

  14. @MadameMonsieur

  15. @netflix The Great Family Cooking Throwdown better have cookbook! #TheGreatFamiliyCookingThrowdown

  16. @NettaBarzilai I'm trying to hey it trending in Vegas!

  17. @NickyOdujirin I didn't see that in the list bur I'm drunk. I would love a musical to win

  18. @Olympics #Beijing2022

  19. @realDonaldTrump #Corruption #America https://t.co/792TGz7Yy5

  20. @Rio2016 Though I do think the cauldron with the kinetic sculpture is beautiful and creative.

  21. @surieofficial I Will. This storm will pass!

  22. @surieofficial Your dog seems to have a lot of emotions

  23. @tariqnasheed @connorino_ Trump has trouble telling the difference between opinions and treason

  24. @tedlieu @Wendys I'm 26 and I got the joke

  25. @TempestDujour BRAVA! I just watched Cherry Pop, it was amazing! @netflix

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