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  1. The cauldron kind of looks like an inverted disco ball, which makes me love it more. I sorta wish that the petals were rotating or moving in some way.
  2. Is anything expeced to happen at this session, aside from Brisbane being awarded the 2032 Games?
  3. RT @EurovisionUK18: Use a GIF only to show that you’re ready for #Eurovision Once you have added your GIF RT the original tweet.

  4. @MadameMonsieur

  5. @ESCPifPaf I guess I'm a gun?

  6. RT @kylegriffin1: An Indiana abortion law signed by Mike Pence has been ruled unconstitutional by a federal appeals court. https://t.co/0nj…

  7. RT @surieofficial: This is what the world map sounds like on a piano. G'night https://t.co/4eK42TPvHn

  8. RT @NORML: State: #California lawmakers consider legislation to allow automatic expungement of past #marijuana crimes. Urge your lawmakers…

  9. @ArchieESC Why is it called the wall of death?

  10. RT @krassenstein: America F**ked up. Don't be afraid to admit it. If you voted for Trump you don't have to keep supporting him. We will for…

  11. RT @ananavarro: Paul Ryan has 8 months as Speaker. He’s finally free of political chains. Time to put country over Party. He should remove…

  12. RT @SaysHummingbird: Utterly despicable. Ann Coulter: If You Shoot One Immigrant At The Border Maybe They’ll Learn. RT if you think Ann C…

  13. RT @krassenstein: When Historians look back at the Trump years, whether it's 2, 3 or 4 years, one thing will be certain. Those who peacefu…

  14. RT @NORML: Study: Access to Legal #Marijuana Consistently Linked to Lower #Opioid Use. https://t.co/D7AiTePIZm

  15. RT @jsphdeal: jesus: *rises from the dead* mary magdalene: jesus you’re alive jesus: https://t.co/UwJpjjn9pk

  16. RT @votevets: “Other than a total lack of awareness of where [Jackson] stands on any issue, we are also concerned that he has never managed…

  17. RT @BettyBowers: Dear Media: When you feature people who think Donald Trump was “ordained by God to be president,” you’re not presenting th…

  18. @aj_michaelo @RealDonaldTrFan It's hard to tell these days

  19. RT @tedlieu: Dear @SpeakerRyan: the powerful #marchforourlives rallies across America show that if you and House Republicans keep blocking…

  20. My #pug, little baby Franz

  21. RT @throwinnstones: only facts https://t.co/NQANc1JGGw

  22. RT @JeffFlake: Members of Congress need to be vocal in support of Special Counsel Mueller finishing his investigation.

  23. @surieofficial Your dog seems to have a lot of emotions

  24. @NettaBarzilai I'm trying to hey it trending in Vegas!

  25. @CalmAfterTheTim I'm no particular order 1. Belgium 2. Israel 3. Austria 4. Finland 5. Czech Republic 6. Estonia 7.… https://t.co/nz7hx02sK7

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